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Metropolitan System

Rated 2.63 out of 5 based on 19 customer ratings19 Ratings

Jiang Bai woke up one day and found with shock that he had transmigrated to a parallel world that is similar to Earth. There, he was granted a cheat system to help him forge the path of a tyrant in this new world. He was now stuck in this parallel world body, the body of a weak and cowardly person. Join Jiang Bai as he rose to the top in this new world!

November 7, 2019Metropolitan System Chapter 2049
November 7, 2019Metropolitan System Chapter 2048
November 7, 2019Metropolitan System Chapter 2047
November 7, 2019Metropolitan System Chapter 2046
November 7, 2019Metropolitan System Chapter 2045
November 7, 2019Metropolitan System Chapter 2044
November 7, 2019Metropolitan System Chapter 2043
November 7, 2019Metropolitan System Chapter 2042
November 7, 2019Metropolitan System Chapter 2041
November 7, 2019Metropolitan System Chapter 2040
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Rated 2.63 out of 5 based on 19 customer ratings19 Ratings
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  1. Cookie Monster

    This place is for rewiew and not for pre-mature early rantings. Please join our discord group if you wanna be a part of whats to be added to the site. Invite link is in Survey Tab/ribbon.

  2. lehur7

    I read the Manhua thought not new but oka for reading don’t be serious, wish-fulfilling anyway

  3. meowrki

    Sigh…mc transmigrated in other world similar to earth with a system. Every people ask him to do things he obliged. Just like a dog slave to other people. Can’t even win an argument with a girl. What’s the point of having a power if you are a dog of others. Pathetic. People above,are you rubbing your dicks while reviewing this novel that you rate it 5 stars? If yes,continue playing. You will feel good.

  4. Nazy

    mc is shit.. cant argue with girl ? are u cunt
    so much lust..
    and the girls is so much thick face..
    so many young master want to slap him .. that’s repeat until u boring and dizzy
    and about the system is shit.. not use to the max
    i reccommended u not read this shit.. made u headeace.. trust me

  5. asdfgh

    Really trash novel. Dependent on just face slapping left and right, and teasing with girls. Once again beta MC who acts like chad. Every girl he meets is in danger. Young masters are targeting those girls and you know the rest. Everything he gets from system conveniently helps him solve the problems he is. Repeat this by 1000 times.

  6. bill one

    This novel makes you sick, don’t read this novel, man

  7. yonathan

    I request fast upgrade system of being immortal
    Very good novel 😎😎😎

  8. anshul123ful1

    Read till 150. No details in fight scene, just like happened in few words. Working in a library for few months, read 10 books a day, got great knowledge , but still no use of it. No contact building etc. , Same old haram, some old bulshitting every chapter. No efforts from author in writting story. Every system story becomes a waste. Why don’t system chose some smart and ethical person then some waste. It’s like waste is the best character they could find. Still going to read few chapters if it’s not get any more interesting then drop drop drop.

  9. anshul123ful1

    Read till 214. Dropped. Boorrrrrring. Don’t read.

  10. itsmeyukiedcqii

    too boring.

  11. StarsOcean

    I think web owner should stop updating novels with modern settings and system in modern world….These type of trashy novels are simply unreadable…

  12. zian24

    I have read the manhua it is a good time pass and for those who reviewed one star, i understand that it is a face slapping type of novel but for me it is a simple good read. Whether we rat 5 or 10 star it is not for you to decide asshole, so shove it up your ass. Everyone has their own opinion you gave one star and their are others who gave 5 stars. We each have our own likeness. So, rate and revie the novel but don’t say who should rate how much.

  13. zian24

    For your kind information 80% of chinese novels which are big have plot repetition, face slapping, arrogant mc, dumb antagonist and cliche story.

  14. Ucup Sama

    I’m going to summarize all smart comments above into some points (unlike a certain person who tried to defend his preference by undermining people’s freedom of speak. A very regrettable action). You know who.

    1) A super boring story with a bastard luckily got system and then spreading over his seeds into many depersonalized women’s womb.
    2) A dickhead MC whose every actions provoked enemies everywhere but always be victorious because of f***ing author’s will or the story will end.
    3) Stupid antagonists whose existences were nothing but as canon fodder for MC’s kingdom of cunts.

    N.B: Of course I know that most of Chinese webnovels are currently dominated by those trashy novels. In other words, Chinese webnovel is dying. It lacks of creative driving forces. There’s something wrong with that and needs to be corrected. No Offense. ✌️

  15. Ucup Sama

    @Cookie Monster suggestion for us to join discord if we want to ask for good novels is a very smart thing to do. Reviews is a place for sharing your comments, opinion, and experiences when you read novels in CM. Thank you for your suggestion @Cookie Monster! 👍

  16. StarsOcean

    @zian24 it’s not good to abuse people without any reason naturally I am not starting a long abusing conversation with you so please don’t bother to reply. In truth I just express my feelings about this novel and that’s the truth I won’t blame you that you liked this novel well congratulations of you find your fated novel writer or novel but don’t cuss at people.Also I know most of the Chinese novels are now like this ,like @ucup sama said chinese novels are dying I agree with him moreover I’m reading chinese novels for 7-8 years that’s why I’m much more frustrated than you that may be same for those who give less stars to chinese novel now…Anyway that’s all I hope you can understand and I’m not the owner of this website and it’s not like i deleted your favourite novel which made you angry and abuse people….Well sorry anyone who doesn’t like my comment now and before one…Thanks!

  17. anshul123ful1

    Fuck you. And 10*fuck you. Oh i mean fuck urself bitch.
    Rating for Zian24

  18. zian24

    Anshul123ful1 this review is for the dipshit anshul who is from some backwater country and thinks himself as some kind of novel expert who can tell everyone how much to rate on a novel. You piece of s*it go f*** yourself.

  19. anshul123ful1

    Zian 24
    U brain dead creature. Only ur shitty brain can give such high rating to this novel. And as per you above people qho rated this novel low are dumshit right?.
    By the way this page is for review for novel , we judge it how we want to. If ur dead brain can’t understand this ten might as well go get aome insects brain. Anyway u don’t mind eating them.

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