Mo Qiu’s Immortal Fate

Mo Qiu’s Immortal Fate


There are only a few people in the world who seek immortality for a long time.
Young people do not seek to step through the rivers and lakes, martial arts, and immortal disputes to achieve their own legend step by step.

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1 year ago

this story can be summed up with a few words: “do more with less”
mc is always struggling, using multiple methods in his arsenal to accomplish impossible feats for someone with his resources and talents.
the great drive for me is the cheat, which is not too overpowered or underpowered. the cheat only lets him learn knowledge and skills instantly, if he has enough points/stars.
the author is a master at selling the next powerup to the reader and gives it purpose and meaning.
in terms of progression, its one of the best, if not the best novel iv read so far.

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1 year ago

I have read it
it is one of the best 5 I have read until now

1 year ago

Its ok. Its slow and well written. But it still has its share of greed and stupidity. As long as someone give him little money he will take risk and go to unknown or unsecure places. And always have forced life and death struggle. Hey, many people leave full life but he faces death and struggle every few chapters. And whole novel power level is way below any cultivation novel. Martial art is same routine and boring. (2/5)

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1 year ago

It’s just boring fighting after fighting. His medical knowledge is brushed aside super quickly. We get exposes on characters no one cares about. Tedious.

1 year ago

This is seriously good

1 year ago

It’s not the best novel I’ve read but certainly not the worse as well.
The world is very dark and wild, basically the strong eat the weak and chaos ensue.
The characters are not too one dimensional.
But some cons –

Medical knowledge is good at the start and later on is only good for pill refining.

MC cheat give him star points to spend to deep learn skill and even combine them it’s not explained how he get points from pills out of nowhere, it’s system novel.

The MC cultivate slowly and there are years of time skips and he develop all around just like that.
Somehow rich family young masters keep up with his level.

He somehow make everyone, even people grade much higher than him believe he is a weakling healer. it’s a little unbelievable. also with his flash cultivation technique and it’s level 7 (up to chap 235) which is the best in the area he is looking sickly white and thin, I call it bs.