Mutated Martial Arts

Mutated Martial Arts


In the last years of the Great Zhou Dynasty, feudal towns and warlords were separated, natural disasters and man-made disasters were frequent, and the common people were destitute.
There are also major sects coming out of the mountain to enter the world, and the great masters of good and evil mutate and change, disrupting the world and spreading blood and rain.
Wei Tao took a casual martial arts game program into the troubled times, stepping up to the top step by step, and creating his own legend of the extreme.
P.S: Legendary novel!

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1 month ago

Let’s see if this novel is any good. I just want to read a good novel. Why is it so hard….
Desperately hoping this would be good… Fingers crossed.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

27 chapters in and its pretty good. The cheat is done beautifully. Not too op, not too weak, just perfect. The world seems interesting too. So far, MC has chopped of heads of two beautiful woman whom I thought were going to be his love interest and it seems the third one is on the block too.

Will write more if it stays good. Lets hope for the best.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

55 chapters in and this MC is making some questionable decisions.
Joining a party hosted in the inner circles of the city by the young masters when he is an outer circle twat.
Then another sect who has never been mentioned before suddenly attacked them in party, wanting to kill. MC about to make a move to save his senior brother even if means exposing his strength. No idea why…

MC then reveals some of his strength and after winning the fight goes on and kills the guy who hurt his so-called senior brother….

I don’t know man… Feels cheap and shallow.

Lets continue and see if things gets better.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

After reading around 70 chapters, it is about time I give my opinions on this novel.

Even though there are some things that made me raise an eyebrow, overall, this novel is pretty good. Especially when you compare it to the recent ones that are pure garbage.

This novel starts with MC coming to another world. Here, we are constantly reminded about how brutal this world is. No one knows when you will die.

The power system in this novel is done pretty good. Although lacking, it is somewhat good. We are in the introduction stage, so the only realms we as a reader know are “introduction, skin refinement, muscles refinement, qi and blood, and finally one realm above them that is defined by the exercise one practice.”

The thing I like is how that even if you are one realm higher than your opponent, it doesn’t mean you are invincible like in many other novels. I am guessing because the realm is in the beginning stage and all of them focus on the body, thus there aren’t major advantages.

If one is not careful, they can die to another person who is lower realm than them. The MC who is at the highest-known realm right now struggles when it comes to fighting two or more opponents. This shows, how the author thought about the power structure and the world.

Now, let’s come to the world-building, the characters, and the MC.

Well, the MC has a family including an older sister, a mother, and a father. I am surprised they are in the story because they hardly play any role. If not for the author’s reminder, I would have forgotten they even exist.

As for the other characters, they are pretty good too. Even though there are shadows of some cliche events, it is nothing that will ruin your experience.

In chapter 60, there is a scene that I will not write here, that will make you realize the brutality of this world, not for the MC, but for every living being here. I really didn’t think the author would go in that direction, but he did. And he did a wonderful job showing the other side of the world. How the situation is the same for everyone even if you are from a big family.

In the previous review of the novel time dao fruit, I wrote about how the maids were annoying as fuck.

Well, you will be happy to read the outcome of them here.

Now, let’s come to the final theme of the novel, and that is MC and his golden finger.

MC’s golden finger is that he gets one gold coin every month automatically. He can then use that gold coin to increase his exercises and secret arts. Other than getting one gold coin automatically, he can get them from some items, but what they are, still remains a mystery, as the author is slowly revealing more things.

The MC on the other hand is pretty calm and cautious. Unless absolutely necessary, he won’t make a move and once he made it, he will make sure there is no one left alive. Even if it means wiping out any passerby that accidentally saw him.

Maybe we will slowly get to know him better in the future…

All in all,
this is a pretty good novel. Even though it is nothing groundbreaking or something new, it is able to keep you entertained.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Thank you for the review ❀️

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

This is getting pretty bad. Brainless moves by MC without even thinking about the future direction.

The novel is turning into shit, with MC being a murderous psychopath. He is just killing people left and right without any thoughts. The story is in mess. New people and new factions are being introduced every two or so chapters. The story has degrade into such a quality that I can not believe it is the same story that I started reading.

I guess my rating and review will change after reading more. With the way things are going, this MC would be dead in the next ten or so chapters if there is no plot armor. He is just making brainless moves without even thinking about the best course of action. He just sees some guy and kills them even when the situation could be resolved. The author is getting really bad and every chapter is now filled with ‘meet new people, kill new people and then rinse and repeat’.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

This novel was cyanide from the start

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Dropped at chapter 144.
SHIT novel.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Yeap, all novels of thia genre follows the same path to demise, around chapter 158 or so when I saw another female Dao Child getting interested in him then the second fuking simp male Dao Child acting like some horny shit who can’t withstand his self proclaimed girl talking to other men and wants to kill…. These mf really acts like everyone else is blind and the girl will like them if the kill their acquaintance.

MC has also turned into complete dumbass who doesn’t use his brain in the least, maybe you can see spider webs inside if you cut open his skull. The cheat was simply wasted on him.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kennny
1 month ago

Chapter 30
Readable and Timepass level novel is naive and non cautious type personality in a cruel world.
2. Conflicts came out of nowhere and are also nonsensical. Fights are long and you don’t really know what’s happening.
3.So his master and seniors made a cultivation pill out of 2 wolfs he hunted but his master and seniors divided these pill among themselves but why is it that he isn’t even angry on them

1 month ago

Till 317

Frankly speaking it was pretty good at start.
The first arc was bearable.
But as he powered up, all it ended up was KILL KILL KILL.
That’s literally all that is there.

Literally his power up are on drugs!
All the rules and nuances in the system is just thrown away as he needs to boost himself.

The main villain for the story, who is controlling the shadows for more than 250 chapters just comes and dies in half paragraph.

Logic leaves the story post 180.

And the realms are also confusing
Qi Transformation 1 to 6
Some pshychic realm
Yin and yang realm


001-100 : 4/5
100-200 :2.5/5
200-317 :0.5/5

1 month ago

Its ok. If there is nothing to do. Cheat is ok. Story like any other. There is always people to kill mc without reason. Low level, medium level, high level, immortal, god etc. And this will end only when novel finishes.