My Attribute Cultivation Life

My Attribute Cultivation Life


This is a story of a modern man returning to ancient times, returning to a real world without any extraordinaryness, and slowly rising by relying on the ability to attribute all data.

P.S: From the author of Way of the Devil, very good read!

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13 days ago

I’m always skeptical about reading anything from this author because he likes to always kill off his heroines.

13 days ago
Reply to  king_yami

really disliked the first chapter since the mc’s predecessor was a total asshole dipshit to his sister.
years of work to earn money for the family yet fucktard throws it in muddy water ruining most of it. smh

still going to test poison

12 days ago

Poison testing failed πŸ˜ͺ. I will update after I really got bored with outers. My mood went down because of slow start BUT I’m really optimistic about this cause Way of Devil was really good for people who like cold and no nonsense action power up novel.

11 days ago

The series is excellent, if you liked this author’s previous works, you will most likely like this one as well, I don’t know why it’s so disliked, well I guess I’m also a little bit fond of the writing style of this author so I might be biased, but if you enjoyed his last work you will most likely enjoy this one as well, I hope that w this one he won’t screw up in the middle part like he did w his last series.

11 days ago

if you liked this author’s previous works, you will most likely like this one as well.

7 days ago

It’s a lie “if you like author other works you will like it too” first of all let’s talk about the MC character he’s not evil not even smart or cautious, he is a stupid person that can’t fend for himself and always get involved in other people business without reason always trying to get into problems that doesn’t even give him any benefits and make enemies non stop then he complaining that he’s fate is controlled by others.

An example ———SPOILER ALRET———

he had a teacher, the teacher accepted him just for him to be follower(spy) of his daughter then got almost killed by his teacher(he consider to kill him because it doesn’t matter if he kill him or not no one could say anything cruel I know) be he didn’t he had other problems didn’t want to waste time so he simply kicked him out, MC plot armor kicked in and some friend had a powerful dad that accepted him as he’s disciple later on the MC got involved again in the story of the father and daughter that really got nothing to do with him he just could sit still and went to help them implicated the correct master and he’s son(friend) lmao then a surprise they r rebels so he got he’s road closed to official path lmao he did work as an official 1 year later on he become forced into assasin organization to be a dog and it’s just an example He always trying to find problems and get involved in everything he can’t just pass things that have nothing to do with him and then crying that people control him, because he have cheat he’s a good pwn to do dirty work because he citizen status a bit better then slave, instead of cutting ties with he’s teacher that teaches him for few days not even a month he choose to help the rebels and implicate he’s sister oh boy and it’s not the only enemy he offended and every one knows that it’s him, defiantly not the smart MC he doesn’t think of he’s own benefit or helping he’s sister that prostitutes herself to fed him when he was a kid instead going helping random people that he don’t even know for few days or the rebel teacher…. stupidly MC plot armor it’s not even close to he’s pervious works, there is no cold personality there is no rational thinking not even thinking about he’s own benefits he become a dog of other people he didn’t help he’s sister so other comments about cold blood etc bla bla is bullshit he’s just typical Chinese MC with huge plot armor with status of better then a slave and I read till the end I loved the author works but this is like 360

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6 days ago
Reply to  kappalord

Thanks man, you had to test poison to save the brain cells of people like me, as for a righteous hypocrite mc like this who let such a sister suffer… No matter how many curses I write, it won’t be enough.

My respect for Thanos and Fang Yuan is rising each day.

Last edited 6 days ago by Kennny