My Charm Works Only On Bad Women

My Charm Works Only On Bad Women


The amateur hacker Xiao Bai wrote a directional charm modifier for himself in the online game “True Spirit Continent”, which is only valid for fair-skinned fairies with strong cultivation base, and is determined to lie down with the fairies to upgrade.

Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long. The official soon discovered and banned his account. With a black eye, he actually traveled to the real world of self-cultivation…
Fortunately, his modifier is still there, but there was a little accident during the crossing process: his charm became effective for the villain woman!

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1 month ago

Would it be possible to change the font for the novels? Just doesn’t feel right

1 month ago
Reply to  my_daoist

My problem is not the font but that you need to scroll down to find chapter 1

1 month ago
Reply to  kappalord

press the End key, if you are on pc