My Gene Evolves Infinitely

My Gene Evolves Infinitely


In a world where technology and transcendence coexist, Warcraft is raging, thousands of races are fighting, alienation is frequent, and crises are everywhere. Fortunately, the human race has the opportunity to activate the gene chain between the ages of sixteen and eighteen and become a gene warrior.
The genetic warrior ventures into the magical place of origin, looking for treasures, burning extraordinary genes, gaining magical and powerful power, and becoming the main force against crises.
Lu Yuan traveled to this world, carrying a strange cube capable of infinitely evolving genes.
He suddenly woke up.
Crossing, handsome, with golden fingers, good guy, all the elements! Could it be that I am the protagonist in the legend? !
Me, Lu Yuan! He is the man destined to be the pillar of the human race!

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7 months ago

It’s good, unfortunately it’s short. Need to wait for long time before I read it again

7 months ago

At starting it is shown that MC is Loner and have no friends but when he became genetic warrior his classmates who were also genetic warrior treat mc like they were best friends and things like you are boss . Really author should decide whether mc is loner or boss.

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7 months ago
Reply to  soram

I’m pretty sure it mentioned that MC soul possessed this body and that the original owner was a loner with low self esteem, MC himself was normal and turned boss when he gained strength I guess. Normal Chinese cliche.

Unknown 858
7 months ago

Who gave this novel 1 star this novel is extremely good

7 months ago

мне очень понравился ставлю 5 звёзд,автору просто отлично дал герою сначала защиту чтобы его сразу не убили, дал лечение для ранений,дал контролю плохо что только для машин а не для всего, а теперь не помешало бы дать или дальна бойное или для разведки
или для скрытности или что то скоростное а время и пространство растасовать по своему усмотрению ато когда нужно не прячется или убегает у него нет нужной силы так что подумай

7 months ago

Will the strongest always be a woman?

Unknown 858
7 months ago

Update quick plz

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6 months ago

Try to search galaxy shattering blade, you can find that this are similar