My Maid Knight

My Maid Knight


In this Eden continent where natural disasters and monsters are rampant, human beings have built their only homeland around the World Tree: the main city of Sidonia.
Reborn into this fantastic and dangerous world, Roy made plans for his future early.
Until one morning, he met a girl at the door of his house, disrupting all his plans.
“Would you like to hire a maid?”
The girl gave him an aristocratic salute and asked.

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16 days ago
Reply to  Tyr

Thanks for the warning, no need to read it then.

17 days ago

Ahh, I’ve read 30 something chapters and the series isn’t anything that special, it’s fairly slow-paced and it doesn’t really seem to have anything interesting enough to keep me interested, so I’ll probably give up on it, I can’t agree w quite a few things the MC has done, he seems to me, a little bit too innocent for someone reborn from earth.

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13 days ago

This novel is good, better than another novel this time.