My Martial Arts Life Simulator

My Martial Arts Life Simulator


Yu Qing traveled to the world of martial arts, with a gold finger simulator.
【You were born in a small broken temple and died after half an hour】

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1 month ago

Started reading this,
First impression was good,he has a simulator but doesn’t need money to simulate only 12 hour cooldown per usage and for me it’s pretty good

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1 month ago

Mc has soft personality and NOT- decisive enough and always forced involved in someone else matter coz of plot armour

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1 month ago

Of all the simulation series released recently, this is probably the worst w a boring plot, unoriginal system ( the other series at least tried to make their own system more unique ), unlikable, undecisive and uninteresting MC, w a very dull, overly used world setting, all in all, I wouldn’t recommend this one, just read the other simulation series that were released in this batch or the previous one, they are much better.