My Marvel Supergirlfriend

My Marvel Supergirlfriend


In the fusion world of Marvel and DC, can you get the physical ability of the opposite sex by contacting the opposite sex? !
So, Xi Nian: “Dating in love makes me stronger!”
[Krypton Superhuman Body], [Ancient Greek Gods], [Venom Symbiosis], [Double Star Mode], [Crimson Magic Power], [Magnetic Field Control]…
The stronger the girlfriend, the greater the ability!
Xi Nian: “The Avengers? The Justice League? Why not come to a girlfriend alliance! Our purpose is to love to save the world!”
Kuaiyin: “Boss. Dachao… No, your brother-in-law is on his way with a knife!”

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3 months ago

I don’t understand why these authors keep trying to do a crossover marver/DC… it’s like they think they don’t have enough heroes and villains in one to have to put the two together… in my opinion it’s just too chaotic to have so many heroes and villains together…

3 months ago

A bunch of bullshit, the story may be interesting but still a bunch of bullshit, personally i didn’t like it much. Its always the same mc appears in between movie fight scenes where heroes were not strong or were unprepared and smashes villians with his almost invincibility.