My Sword Intent Can Be Improved Infinitely

My Sword Intent Can Be Improved Infinitely


Swing the sword 100 times, [Sword Intent lv1]

Swing the sword 1000 times, [Sword Intent lv3]

Swing the sword 10,000 times, [Sword Intent LV10]

Swing the sword 1,000,000 times, [Sword Intent lv99]

Su Yang traveled through time, into the body of ordinary people.

Fortunately, swinging a sword can improve sword intent.

After continuous improvement, Su Yang found that there was something wrong with this sword intent.

[Wild Supreme Sword Body]

[Handcrafted Sword Spirit Root]

[Solve communication difficulties, rub the sword net with your hands, and start ancient surfing]

The strength increased too fast and was targeted by the lv30 boss?

Su Yang looked at the lv99+ above his head, the old monster should lie down in the coffin.

Enemies from the sky, immortals destroy the world?

Then I, an ordinary person like me, will make a move.

One sword transforms all kinds of methods, and I will rub whatever is lacking.

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10 days ago

This is a good novel compared to others the mc isn’t an idiot and no cliche so far (chapter 44).
Mc practise sword move and get stronger fast, he does good and punish evil although this is a typical hero syndrome but he gains strength if he does so so it is understandable, the has martial art practioners and cultivators and so far it hasn’t been said if martial arts strength can reach the high cultivators but It isn’t considered a complete weaklings like other novels.

10 days ago

Too much bullshit. 2/5. very Heartwarming flashback, but sorry, i am no fan.
If you got a problem, just remove it by the roots.

9 days ago
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9 days ago
Reply to  ASH M K

Can u tell me which chapter you are on? If it’s not too far then I can skip read quickly, this way, I would have something to read for a while. (T_T)