My Wife Is Demon Sect Leader

My Wife Is Demon Sect Leader


Qingmei: “My husband is rejuvenating with a wonderful hand, the doctor is benevolent, and he is the most famous doctor in Yuzhou City…”
An Jing: “My wife is gentle and virtuous, with superb cooking skills, and the beauty of the country…”
In the moonlight, a new round of sword rain fell, and the two figures crossed each other.
“Husband, aren’t you a doctor?”
“Madam, aren’t you a lady?”

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9 months ago

Capter 210 is the chapter when ml and fl know each other secret… ml is ghost swordman/doctor and fl is demon sect leader/normal wifeπŸ˜…

9 months ago

A decent novel. A number of chapters have content cut off after a point.

8 months ago

i would like to try it but i hate game elements.