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Mystical Journey

Rated 4.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings4 Ratings

One moment, Luo Jing was at the brink of death after accidentally touching a power outlet while showering. The next, he was in the body of a man named Garen, with memories of a past he was never a part of flowing into his head. As he slowly gets used to the body of Garen, he begins to explore a planet beyond his own logical comprehension. His journey will see him go from surviving in a planet locked in the 20th century, to wielding secret techniques so powerful that they level cities overnight. However, his journey doesn’t end with Garen. Instead this is but the first of many bodies that Luo Jing will come to wield in his mystical journey between worlds.

June 7, 20181288 Contract 2
June 7, 20181287 Contract 1
June 7, 20181286 Change 2
June 7, 20181285 Change 1
June 7, 20181284 Talent 2
June 7, 20181283 Talent 1
June 7, 20181282 going out 2
June 7, 20181281 Outing 1
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June 7, 20181279 Communication 1
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Rated 4.75 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings4 Ratings
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  1. vulk4n

    Complete reading. I found the reading good, quite interesting in terms of plot (journeys between universes, worlds and dimensions). In relation to the fights I could say that few, I found them exciting, however this was at the beginning, when I still did not reach stratospheric levels (i mean world destroyer lvl, etc). In relation to the system (cheat), although I do not like novels of this type, I must say that I found it quite solid, because although it is very powerful, ignoring its usefulness, has several restrictions, being able to be very useful or useless depending on their circumstances, also that did not come from nowhere, is related to his soul and his deepest thoughts, which was manifested in the system, well justified. In the social aspect, the protagonist is not to become very deep friends, due to his nature of traveler and the nature of travel, is that many of his friends did not see them again, since there was much time lag between trips, therefore the friends were only temporary, something similar happened with many love interests. In synthesis we have a character who travels through spacetime visiting worlds, possessing bodies, absorbing knowledge, understanding diverse systems, creating a super complete system for himself and reaching (almost) always the pinnacle of force.
    If there is something I can say that I didn’t like, it was the end, I leave many riddles unresolved, people he promised to visit that he never saw again.

  2. reggie qui

    Story was overall pretty solid, attracting my attention and making it enjoyable. The power system is similar to the author’s other novel Way of the Devil and deals with the same powerups and same model interactions. No romance in this novel – which can be a plus/minus. One thing that bothered me was the lack of reuniting the mc with characters in previous worlds that he had a strong relationship with. Plus, the ending was sorta rushed and a bit messy which i don’t like. The reason for his talent (potential point system) is never fully explored and is only mentioned a few times. I give it 4/5.



  4. Thriggi D Tian

    de las mejores lecturas lo recomiendo al 10 que buen protagonista