Nine Imperial Heavenly Swords

Nine Imperial Heavenly Swords

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I used to think that the world was vast, allowing me to roam freely. Yet today, I am merely a prisoner in this cage. I resist with one sword, breaking the Nine-Layered Heavens, only wanting to live free and unconstrained on this earth. My favorite activity is precisely this: All gaze at me with unhappiness, yet cannot capture me!

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10 months ago

plot is not coherent at all.
it has somewhat decent writing but the fights are horrible and cultivation is vague.
different parts of plot might be a bit interesting to read but when you try to read it as a whole it kinda makes no sense.
mc character is not distinct at all he is just runing around with no clear goals in mind.

not recomended.

Last edited 10 months ago by lightwind21
10 months ago

chapter 15 is missing
raw name: 剑御九重天

Last edited 10 months ago by lightwind21