Nine Provinces Dao Lord

Nine Provinces Dao Lord


A disaster brought Yang Ze to another world. Nine Provinces were not peaceful. There was chaos everywhere.
With the recovery of martial arts, under the hidden danger, the people of the Tianwu Dynasty are scattered, the martial arts family is full of sects, and the heroes are rising together.
In this chaotic world, the major forces firmly grasp the practice of one, and it is difficult to find a precious martial arts practice in the rivers and lakes.

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Htron seabody
17 days ago

Sweet me ❀ like tomtom

14 days ago

So far so good even though the whole plot feels a bit of too centered around the MC but then again this kind of taste is similar with Er Gen’s style.

14 days ago

Waste MC, assassinated at the beginning, arrogant young master brother and cousin targeting MC because MC talent is trash, family competition.

I dont know the latter but the beginning already looks like a generic xianxia where MC keep provoking arrogant young master.

14 days ago
Reply to  Rookie

Sigh why give precious tresure that can speed up cultivation speed to someone with trash talent. If someone with good talent obtains MC cheat, their cultivation speed wil increase much more compared to the MC.