No Pain, 100% Gain

No Pain, 100% Gain


God rewards hard work, and there must be rewards for paying.
And no matter how hard you work, you will gain 100%!
So, for things like cultivating immortals, don’t you just need to have hands?

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26 days ago

i am recomending a novel feel free to try it

it is a good one

Sword Path of Solitary God

26 days ago

Ch 124

The MC has a cheat that allows his cultivation speed or his technique/spell knowledge reach 100 times for 3 times a day. The story is good. Starts as funny for a bit but soon it becomes serious.

cultivation technique
The MC invents his own cultivation technique based on primordial chaos

All in all you can give it a chance. The progress isn’t fast nor slow.

24 days ago

Read till chapter 101. This MC is giving me creepy vibes. I know a lot of novels have weird MCs like this but I can’t stand any of those novels either.

The MC seems to be an adult (so far I don’t think it’s been confirmed anywhere, but with the knowledge he has and his viewpoints, he is definitely not a child) who was transmigrated into the body of a 14 year old. After chapter 60 or something he meets a “Junior Sister” who is 14 and he keeps making weird comments about her. I ignored it initially because I thought he was just making stupid jokes. But I’m tired of it now. Just recently in chapter 101 this girl wanted an artifact similar to the MC’s because she thought it looked beautiful and the MC inwardly commented that she wants a “couple outfit”. Like why does he have to be so weird with a child ffs.

He hasn’t done anything physically or verbally so far, only commenting in his mind, but he’s making too many creepy comments for my liking. I don’t want to have read 300 chapters only to find out this guy is a groomer.

shin - the arrogant young master
24 days ago
Reply to  yovipin594

Feelings are decided by harmones in the body, not your memories.

He has the body of a 14 yo, his brain is not even developed completely.

Just having memories doesn’t make you mature.

It’s not creepy.

24 days ago
Reply to  yovipin594

This comment holds 0 value, don’t listen to him. The novel itself doesn’t feel romantic at all, the ‘Junior Sister’ is more of a comedic plot than anything and MC loves his research more than her by 100 times over.
The amount of times I saw her appear was abysmal to even be considered a real main character, even the elders are mentioned more.

24 days ago

This novel deserves a solid 4/5 so far. It has multiple unique elements to the story, where MC isn’t just blindly following random cultivation path that he is given.
He uses his Golden Finger quite well and the best part HE ISN’T AFRAID TO SHOW HIS USE
That’s it, he isn’t hiding 24/7 making face slapping enemies, but is actively helping for his own good.

(Chapter 127 as of writing this review)

shin - the arrogant young master
23 days ago

Tried it, found it just okay.

Stability and being low key is good, but that alone doesn’t make the novel good.

This novel is boring.

Anyone can write a book about a random dude with cheat hiding in his room and becoming stronger.

This book simply doesn’t have anything that could keep me hooked.

Boring mc, boring world, boring plot, boring side characters.

Nothing interesting.

23 days ago

Ugh… Not bad but not good either. Just your typical cultivation novel with a panel where MC shouts out how he should hide and then does the exact opposite the very next chapter. Chapters filled with reactions and a brain dead MC who just cant keep his fucking mouth shut and stay silent to reap the rewards. Instead we have a MC who knows that he will be experimented on once someone found out about his extraordinary strength. And the very next chapter he goes and shows off in front of others. God how much I miss smart characters.

I don’t know what to say about this book. It is average and is supposed to have comedy. But after reading 80 chapters, I haven’t even smiled, much less laugh. The only thing I felt was cringe.

Here is a small event that will help you understand what type of novel this is….

So, MC is in a sect and thr strongest being in their sect is in gold core. MC then joins the battle that the sect was fighting against the beast. MC who is in Qi refinement realm, use formation to kill a gold core realm beast who mind you is a black fox. The fox then does and leaves an imprint on the MC so that she can find him in the next life. Everyone is amazed by MC’s skills. But he asks them to keep quiet as he doesn’t want anyone to know about his strength. To which they all just agree.

Wow, Nobel prize winning literature…..

Just your typical thrash. Good for passing time but nothing good.

23 days ago
Reply to  Exodus

I am at chapter 97 and I have to drop this fucking abomination. This started average and somehow managed to exceed my expectations and go even lower. This is truly one of those garbage novel that after reading once you forget that it even existed.

The story starts off with MC coming in the body of a fourteen year old boy who jas joined the sect for more than two or three years and is still at Qi refining level 1.

MC then awakens his cheats. And mind you, not one but two cheats. The first one is that whatever he will do, there will be progress and there will be no bottleneck in his cultivation. The second cheat is the 100 times rewards that he can use three times in a day. With this, anything that he wants will give him 100 times the result.

Now MC is a farmer, who plants for the sect. Now the best course of action here would be to stabilize himself first in this unknown world. To get familiar with everything and to make sure you know everything. And then secure benefits for yourself.

And this is exactly what he does not do. He talks shit about how he is going to stay low and focus on gaining benefits first. And the very next chapter goes and does the exact opposite. He takes part in competition, gets first place, defeats a sword cultivator with a sword; even though he is a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD FARMER. Proceed to emerge victorious against everyone.

He then joins sect fight against the beast horde where he easily manipulate a giant array to kill a beast in gold core realm. And then tells everyone around him to keep quiet about it… And they all just agree.

But the real fucking shit is the chapter 96 and 97.. Here a golden core expert from other sect occupies the body of a disciple and decides to go after MC.

MC then easily capture a FUCKING GOLD CORE POWERHOUSE. And proceed to extract information from him… And the golden core expert co-operate with him. He tells him everything that the MC asks, and that includes his sect secret technique and skills….

And then the MC decides to tell everyone in his sect that he is the “Reincarnation of a supreme being”…. And that he has hide himself enough and it is time to show off his prowess to everyone.

Wow… Just wow…

Reading these chapters, I was face palming myself so fucking hard…

He is inventing foundation and golden core techniques while being in qi refining 7th layer. Is able to beat people way above his realm.

And the people in this world are more brain-dead than this MC.. How the fuck no one has tortured him and killed him to extract more information…

If this was truly a cultivation world where everyone is after benefits (just like the author mentioned), then the sect elders or the sect leader himself would have cut off his hands and legs and then tortured him to get more information…

But apparently the characters of this novel are as brainless as the MC and the author himself..

Fucking shit novel.

21 days ago
Reply to  Exodus

And the people in this world are more brain-dead than this MC.. How the fuck no one has tortured him and killed him to extract more informationโ€ฆ

If this was truly a cultivation world where everyone is after benefits (just like the author mentioned), then the sect elders or the sect leader himself would have cut off his hands and legs and then tortured him to get more informationโ€ฆ.

But apparently the characters of this novel are as brainless as the MC and the author himself..

Fucking shit novel.

Sometimes you don’t need to torture and cut people hand of legs to get information or benefits.

I agree with most points you did about the story, is seems very lackluster by what i have read it does hold true but clear i have not read so far as you yet!

but your conclusion is not nor it seems right, i’m not trying to be rude nor offense anything just using analogy here: you are somehow making the same mistake as you pointed out in this review! of not thinking this through really and being brainless as it can be and again: i’m not trying to be rude nor anything trust me: is just that my english is somehow limited as well thus i’m little more direct with the words i use, thus i will really try to explain it.

if he is creating those techniques as you stated later on, to benefit the sect and everyone else or even “only” those close to him: he is already “giving” more information, sometimes keeping the status quo that benefits everyone is more than enough and the correct path to take instead of risking it all for some “loose” shit that you don’t even know you will get. and hope that you can drink “soup” when this suppose super genius reincarnateor qi refiner ascends.

After all you said yourself: he killed golden core realm.. he captured a golden core realm.. his sect is only golden core realm:

how can anyone with any piece of intelligence in their BRAINS would think that if he can do what you stated!: why the sect master and the sect of a golden core can do anything to him and be successful? in simple term why > a golden core realm leader of the sect> will be successful in “cutting his hands and legs” and torture information??

After what the mc showed??

there’s also the point that golden core in this sect can already “reincarnate” and pass own “marks-imprint”, thus if he is really a SUPER CULTIVATOR as he played:

how can you a simple golden core believe that killing him: cutting his hands-legs, torture for information will not bring out retribution in the future? for a almighty high level cultivator that is suppose to reincarnate here?? YOU AND ME knows this is a lie but they don’t KNOW.. they only KNOWS that the mc is monster capable of clearing up their entire sect as qi refiner if they really put his mind to it, because he did already by killing a golden core and capturing one that is the same level of “Pillar” as the sect itself..

If you are at his shoes, with the knowledge you posses and know as standard golden core, can you BE 100% sure that he will not reincarnate-go back and come to clean up UP you hard, your decendents-family and everyone else?? that have a connection? even your future reincarnation-mark-imprints for example?? and this is if you are “successful” in getting your hands on him”!

after all, who can guarantee that you can get any information-secret from someone when everything points out that he is more knowledged-smarter and knows more high level skills than you?

Again, i’m not trying to be rude, nor offensive nor anything trust me, i just tried to tell you: that the way you reached your conclusion is exactly the behavior of a “brain dead mc” protected by plot armor!

that believe everything will works out for them and he will be successful in getting the information by torturing the “mc” and become the next “young master”!! when everything, literately EVERYTHING points out that you will fail.

the behavior you stated would be made by two type of character: a brain death one, or one “without anything” to loose and as golden core of the sect, leader of a faction!

he have everything too lose if he tries to do that, just like a lot other characters in that sect have as well, at least those capable of doing something to the mc introduced so far..

21 days ago
Reply to  m4rcosr3is

i had forgot about this “too much comment” thing that pop up recently, thus i can not correct some typos-grammar mistakes that i found out after re reading the entire text, since i already pressed “post”..

sorry if it makes even harder to understand but by my experience in 24h it should allow me to edit the post above and correct some grammar mistakes but i hope you understand the gist of it and again: i’m not trying to be rude nor anything. trust me when i say this, the language may seem a little rude or direct but is because my limitation of english vocabulary.

Making a move against the mc is just dumb and stupid, even more when they are the ones gaining benefits so far just like by having a golden core beast wave killed by the mc is already huge benefit for them and things barely started: thus for example when you wrote about that the mc “asked” the newbies to hide of his killing of golden core beast as well..

that was a cultivator who just killed a golden core vs a bunch of newbies-kid’s .. golden core that is sect-master ancestor level cultivator of their sect.

What do you think that normal newbies cultivator would do? keep shut and try to get some “soup” later on with this friendship-chance??.. or tell tale to everyone else including their friends-family that can not do anything to the mc, trying to plot some plan?? at least on the surface they don’t have showed nor the strength nor the guts to do something against a cultivator capable of killing golden core by the chapters i read.. making everything pointless if they tried to do anything and even more stupid if they tried.

A smart person knows who and when to act.. a brainless one only knows to be saved by plot armor.. for all they know about, the mc could be all mighty top cultivator reincarnation, body possession, or even true cultivator playing games hiding his cultivation instead of a little qi refiner capable of killing golden core.. which ones is more plausible?? and all those possibilities are more than enough to kill them, or make they soar to the sky together with a little “soup”.

there’s 0 needs to risk this as long the mc maintain the status quo and is favorable to them and is willingly them to drink soup!!!

all the rest i agree with you , even more the part about low key vs doing exactly opposing, i hate this sh*t and this is exactly why i stopped reading before instead of binge reading! but the rest, sorry it does not make sense.

21 days ago
Reply to  m4rcosr3is

I deeply appreciate the comments you made my friend. Reading comments like yours is always fun and it gives a new perspective.
After reading your comments, I realize the things that you said about why no one tortures him to get more information..

I forgot to think about this because I was too angry after reading these many chapters.

What I hate most in these types of novels is they start out by saying that MC will stay low key, but they just can not write what low-key is.

The sect leader not torturing him is one thing but it is not what I hate about this novel. What I hate is everything else. From MC to the people around him to the dull and bland story.

Also… Thank you for commenting your thoughts. I truly appreciate it as it helps me see from a different perspective.

See you again fellow daoist.

21 days ago
Reply to  Exodus

Some of the plot and cheat looks awfully similar to a novel I read a while ago, its name was something like “Heaven Rewards the Diligent”.

Do mc starts from making talisman paper from the crops in his farm?

Does he Cultivation sharpening and corruption spell to spell seed then super talisman level in his dantian?

The plot mostly consist of comedy and had no action in that one, so I put it on hold for now.

20 days ago
Reply to  Kennny

Yep…. Same plot. Starts farmer, plants, then use the plants to make talisman.

11 days ago
Reply to  Exodus

Ah I get it, they probably changed the name during translation.