Nuclear Power Sword Immortal

Nuclear Power Sword Immortal


Beside the coast, a hundred-meter star gate is overflowing with light.
Outside the star gate, the army made of steel can’t see the edge at a glance.
On the sky, a fighter jet flew across the sky, interweaving the iron curtain.
In the distant ocean, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and frigates are all over the sea, ready to go.
All the muzzles were aimed at a figure walking out of the star gate.
“I order you to withdraw in the name of the Federal Command, otherwise, all-out war awaits you.”

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7 months ago

Sorry guys i can’t understand a shit
Only thing I can tell is he got transmigrate to a game world he become elder of a demon sect and I think πŸ€” his chest work like kill a good guy he get debuff and killing bad guys he get buff or enlightenment or something

Last edited 7 months ago by ayushsengar4886
7 months ago

boring and weird

7 months ago

Actually kind of weird.
Story gives no start really, and randomly introduces a cheat without explaining it at all. Also, “clear light”? Wtf is this
Ill try around 50 chapters, currently on ch 4, and ill reply after.

5 months ago
Reply to  sky

Any update?

2 months ago

Everyone here says it’s shit but some dumb guy gave it 5 Star, reminds me of another genius who started giving all novels 5 Star because I pointed out their loopholes in reviews.