Old Age Immortal Cultivation – I Will Live Forever

Old Age Immortal Cultivation – I Will Live Forever


Eternal memories of the rivers and lakes return to white hair, wanting to return to heaven and earth into a flat boat.
A glass of wine in the spring breeze of peaches and plums, ten years of night rain in the rivers and lakes.
Chen Dengming stepped into the chaotic rivers and lakes, and did not step into the realm of innateness until he was old. However, martial arts innateness is not the end of the world in his heart. Cultivating immortality and longevity is the starting point of his dream.
Since practicing kung fu can prolong life, practicing Taoism can directly point to longevity.
Practicing martial arts, refining Gu, cultivating Taoism, longevity… This is a story of an ordinary traveler asking for longevity step by step in the world of cultivation.
Read Cultivation of Immortals in old age, taste enlightenment and strengthen life! Reading boy, you know how to cultivate immortals!

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11 days ago

Everyone below qi refining is an ant, everyone below foundation establishment is an ant, everyone below golden core is an ant … Hence the cultivation world is a world of ants.
The mc in here can increase his lifespan by practicing different techniques, he seems cautious enough so far and not an idiot.
The characters here seem to despise anyone weaker than them even when they themselves are pretty weak, but maybe that only applies because the mc is still a “mortal”,now we shall see…

10 days ago
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9 days ago
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10 days ago

Who the fuck gave 5 star Rating to it.
Shit Man. MC here trying to pretend like Fang Yuan of Reverend Insanity but, you should know, Fang Yuan has ability and knowledge to boost his every move which might misunderstand as him being arrogant. MC here just not that type at all. He doesn’t even have a strong will and yet shows like his will is pretty strong. Fucked nearly 20 women in his life and he says ne never wanted a child so he didn’t impregnate them. My question is, so why the hell did you fuck them, if you don’t want to enjoy yourself and who thinks of impregnating and all, when you have given up on life. He gave up on life and tried to impregnate two women and somehow he has a will to live all of a sudden. Fucking Bullshit. If you had a will, you shouldn’t have impregnated them. This MC Bugger is just not my type. Fuck, when it mentioned Gu, I thought the author was a fan of Reverend Insanity and even though most authors suck even while copying Reverend Insanity Fanfic, some are good and some are worse. This guy comes in a worse category. It’s a time waster and you won’t understand the plot at all. This guy looks like a womanizer in the later chapters. Giving up. Wanna give 0//5 but will give 1/5.

9 days ago
Reply to  ASH M K

PatPat, I can see you have suffered pretty badly. Bro, the first rule of reading noveks with Gu is to have no expectations at all!!!

10 days ago

I disapointed. Women after women help Mc and want be with Mc. Mc dont want be with them . Then when women have problem mc come to rescue . Mc go to cultivate and left his family . When His enemy atack his family Mc play good dady and hero… Its stupid and destroy Mc charakter card.
Then we have broken Force system with stupid suprime dao power bulshit…..
Mc can solo gold core cultivator in buildingfundation….with dao rune power buff. All bad demons want kill kidnap and forc Mc beacose he some sort of dao mesiah…

5 days ago
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