One Piece – Thunder and Lightning

One Piece – Thunder and Lightning


A young man from the earth accidentally came to the world of pirates, fighting and taking risks in the world of pirates.
There is no legendary system, no peerless magic, only a thundering fruit,
This year, the four emperors are still on the same boat, the future One Piece has not yet dominated the sea, there are only two most powerful generals in the navy, and there is only one lieutenant general who is at the peak.
At this point, I, Albert Nicholas, will make this name known throughout the world!

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1 month ago

Another chinese au, full of chinese euphemisms and proverbs

1 month ago
Reply to  Pork

I mean seriously the rocks pirates wiki is one of the smallest and clearly this guy didnt make it very far through it. Firstly they didnt have a large crew and they didnt have there own fleets since the world government actively covered up there activities so no there wouldn’t be thousands of people willingly participate in a bloodbath( which is a plot hole in itself since they only allow ten people out of thousands meaning they wouldnt have the numbers to man the large fleets the author claims they have).. either way another sub par chinese au one piece

1 month ago

The novel is very messy MC is a mess too, he first forced to join rocks pirate then befriended Roger and later with world government later he even wanted to join marine it’s all over the place he can’t decide what to do in the first place how people even not suspicious of him when he openly deal with all those people running around with rocks banner killing people then decided join marine?