One Piece’s Super Dimensional Pirates

One Piece’s Super Dimensional Pirates

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Roger’s words before his execution opened the chaotic era of great pirates; at the same time, this is also an era where all heroes rise together!
Ants, the waves of the new era are coming!
The weak have no choice;
Strong, do whatever you want!
Eric, who was an otaku in his previous life, witnessed the beginning of a new era, established his own power with the system, and will wield a spear, overcome obstacles, and overthrow the entire world!
The black holy sword who loves to eat junk food; the avenger who burns magic flames; the queen who can freeze time and space; A dragon slayer; a singer who manipulates people’s hearts.

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10 days ago

System’s unique. Don’t concentrate too much on the story here, because there is none here.
As for MC, dumb and childish. Disappointed in this one too.

10 days ago

I read till chap 125 till now i like the story and the mc at the beginer the mc treat like a game and is weak than thd summons but he change little by little is good see a progress mc

7 days ago

I would like to know if anyone knows the name of a novel that deals with the protagonist being reborn as the son of the demon king within the game as the 4th prince I remember it was harem the novel one of the members is his sister who is half elf and another a pink haired sucubus who in the original story of the game stayed with the second prince who was the antagonist if I remember correctly I remember reading it around 2017.

7 days ago

I believe that the race of his mother was punished because he was an experiment to return the glory to ala rasa but the experiment went wrong because the body had no soul until the protagonist sucked it out.

7 days ago
Reply to  sombra2003

You should be talking about KR novel breakers, the MC calling conquest knight

7 days ago

If u guys are getting bored like me try reading novel by generating that with chatgpt write all the thing u wan like power system or MC golden finger or what world he get send or born make it romance or just killing even u guys can change story or modify it with just few commands i m not saying it best out there but its much better and much more fun
Try it

5 days ago

I read till 500 now i have to say what a waste the mc progress is good till chap 300 after that racism came along he rules kano make people change hair and clotes no more adventure no training only chinese scum now

2 days ago
Reply to  Urashime

Imagine writing Japanese anime fan fic, going to Japanese culture island and then using racism and nationalism to turn it into chinese. Gotta say you need some seriously thick face to do that.