Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty

Otaku Engineer in Great Tang Dynasty


Waking up in a fourteen year old body, Li Zexuan a modern day engineering otaku unexpectedly found himself in Great Tang Dynasty during Emperor Taizong’s reign! When modern technology, lazy ideals and 21st century culture confronts the confucian orthodoxy the era of engineering has begun . Though Li Zexuan only wants to stay at home, hold his lady, play cards, sleep, read novels, and live a life of leisure. but destiny thinks otherwise with great knowledge comes great responsibility and also a great deal of entanglement with the Emperor. – Bigbrohasdrugs

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2 years ago

Rating- 4.5

This is definitely the best historical novel i have come across so far… the plot development is well done although the pace is very slow. This one is better than “Great Tang Idyll” imo.

If you like “scholars technological advancement system” or other similar novels you will definitely like this one… this one like “scholars technological advancement system” dwelves deeper into the concept/workings or other scientific mechanisms. all along while having a early romance (but no harem :3)

The MC is lazy but intelligent… he makes appropriate choices/decisions 9/10 times… he isn’t the type to offend everyone and god bless there is no arrogant young master shouting at the door every 10 chapters like other cliched chinese novels.

The resource allocation and resource gathering is given a more realistic edge… we dont find our mc Building TNTs staright away… since the preparation of TNT requires Nitric acid and its not something thats naturally available in nature… so before mc can find a catalyst to help him prepare Nitric Acid he will not be able to make something like TNT.

He gradually revolutionises the daily life of Great Tang subjects with his inventions and discoveries which include some simple ones like KFC, Distilled Ethyl Alcohol, bicycle, papermaking, toilet paper, flush sytem toilet, waterwheel, telescope, fireworks to advanced ones like cement, metallurgy, electrolysis, etc.

He sets up the first engineering college, pomotes football, sets up financial institution(bank) & and paper money printing. watch our mc influence the masses and bring about the greatest transition of faith between science and confusianism.

the interactions with the Regal personages are very entertaining and the use of courtly style of speech with outdated honorific words were a bit of pain in the ass to place accordingly.

When reading if you encounter people with more than one name be flustered not.

Eg- True name – Li Tai
courtesy name – Qingque
Titled name – Prince of Wei

most of the characters have three such names.
I have worked quite a bit to get this novel over here. And i can vouch my reputation for this one in terms of quality compared to the usual array of chinese novels.

2 years ago

Lmfao did you srsly tag ur own name haha

2 years ago

This novel demands patience if you lack patience dont bother picking this up. For the first fifty chpts you may even wonder what connection does this novel have with engineering at all but rest assured for the ones with patience this novel will reward your patience well.

2 years ago

please novel Pirate in Naruto World

2 years ago

@ghostofiane92 stop asking for novels in the review section you will never get the novel you desire this way. Join comrademao discord and post in the request channel

2 years ago

@bigbrohasdrugs thank you for your reply,I did not know

2 years ago

@bigbrohasdrugs thanks for the effort! Enjoyed it immensely!

2 years ago

Good novel

2 years ago

Well the novel is really good , it is slow paced but it is understandable as it is a slice of life novel .

2 years ago

Is it incomplete when come to chapter 1600+ ???

very shot and not match with the next chapter

anthony tivan 00
1 year ago