Outside of Time

Outside of Time


Heaven and earth are the guest house of all living beings, and time is the passing guest through the ages.
The difference between life and death, just like the difference between dreaming and waking, changes and cannot be questioned.
So beyond life and death, beyond heaven and earth, beyond time, what is waiting for us?

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2 months ago

It’s the latest novel by Er Gen, I was already reading it (I am at latest chapter on mtl) before it was uploaded here, it’s without a doubt the best novel of this year, you guys can try it because it definitely worth it. Except for Er Gen’s habit of forcefully connecting many women to mc by fate “in his every single novel” I like most of his work.

2 months ago
Reply to  Kennny

can you tell me whats the actual summary of the novel? the description right now is the usual bs philosophy

2 months ago
Reply to  sky

Well, I will make it simple and straight because I already reviewed it too many sites.

So the best part of this novel is the decisive and ruthless personality shown by the mc, he got talent and he is also diligent, and like all other mc’s of Er Gen he is devastatingly handsome, luckily his handsome face will remain hidden until around 200 of the original chapters.

The cultivation word setting here is new, although the cultivation stages are same the world is polluted by the powers of a God who face is hanging on the sky, whenever it opens its eyes, it turns the place it looks into a Forbidden zone.

Such places have very few or no survivors at all, mc is the sole survivor of his region, but then he discovers a purple ray shooting from sky…. So he finds a treasure stone that can help his physical recovery and boost cultivation speed, but he has no place to hide it so embeds it into the wound on his chest… Yes! He hides it inside his body!

There are other very interesting characters in the novel that doesn’t need to survive off on mc’s strength and are big shot on their own. MC’s Captain in the sect is my favourite among them.

MC mainly focus on water attribute cultivation, body forging too like always and the new one unlike Er Gen’s previous work is his Poison Dao. Yep, you heard me right, he walks the path of poison which I like.

His sect is also good, they had big ambitions from the start and pretty much suprised readers by their actions. The personalities of Elders, Peak Lord and Ancestor in the sect is also very realistic, it isn’t that same old bs crap we read in all chinese novel instead they do what is more reasonable and protect their people when they need it.

Theere is another character which you going to like but I can’t name it as it might result in a spoiler… But here’s a hint: King Kong

Paing Zin
2 months ago
Reply to  Kennny

Indeed.. I haven’t read this novel yet but Er gen never disappoint fans.

days of terror
2 months ago

Another harem type but single dog mc.

So many love interest but this is Er Gen book always end up with one love interest

2 months ago
Reply to  days of terror

Really? So in all those Er Gen’s book where mc charmed many girls…. They only married one? I didn’t know that but I am having hard time believing it.

2 months ago

So far (chapter 300), this is shaping up to be a solid Xianxia.
Now we wait and see if Er Gen is able to keep this up.

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1 day ago

205 es muy bueno lo recomiendo, solo que el talento del mc es un pco op.