Player Lackeys All Over The World

Player Lackeys All Over The World


Zuo Chongming is a hardcore player, studio head, god of power leveling, and a criminal exploiter…
Bewilderedly traveled to the game world, and even returned to before the public beta to become an NPC.
Demons are chaotic, evil ghosts devour people, and warriors are vertical and horizontal… For Zuo Chongming, who has a panel, these are all within the acceptable range.
But in the face of the upcoming player, the fourth natural disaster, he couldn’t help falling into silence…

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9 months ago

One of the best defective copies of legendary mechanic. One of the most defects of this novel is that the charm of MC is in the negatives.

9 months ago
Reply to  AlienPoison

‘defective copies’? you mean fanfiction?

9 months ago

Its shit

empress lust
9 months ago

the book is interesting, but there are no details, the mc’s past personality, cultivation ranks, the real world, where the mc has so much combat experience, why he is so smart. The biggest disadvantage in this book for me is how the author suppresses mc (although he is still strong) to develop strength, you need cultivation points (we’ll call it exp) to increase cultivation, you need exp, but due to the fact that the author constantly adds mc martial arts, all his exp, techniques, bloodline, for cultivation, so he constantly lacks exp. Another annoying thing is that he does not improve his cultivation, but only improves martial arts, which takes him hundreds of thousands of exp, although for this exp he could have become much stronger a long time ago. But still , this book is about invincibility , so mc will always be smarter and stronger than his opponent