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Pokemon – All Things Exchange


Early with a system that is not very useful, I crossed into the world of Pokemon. Dr. Damu is not a doctor, and Team Rocket has not done anything bad, and even Xiaozhi has not been born. . . Thinking of this, our protagonist suddenly had a bold idea! !

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11 months ago

Coz Ash is yet to be born Mc be like β€œ the sadness of not being able to see Ash β€œ
Mc is Ash and original Characters licking πŸ‘… party 😬

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11 months ago

This is n good. Just read and you Will know.

9 months ago

I’ll mark this as a decent read ….. but a fair warning to those who like MC who does kill his enemies or doesnt give a chance to let his enemies recover .. you might not like this MC since he do sometimes llkes to drag the problem when he could just solve it aready with his strength… he has the thinking of other people will take care/ finish this