Pokemon Modifier

Pokemon Modifier


Thirty years old, he is an otaku. His job is to sell custom pokemons on Taosun. He just received a big order, and before it was completed, he traveled to the real world of pokemons.
With a newly modified bird with its own “picking up” feature,
And a cheat that can change the flash, characteristics, and individual values of race values.
But, who can tell him why the golden finger is only half? !

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8 months ago

I had read this story on other sites and it is a light hearted story with more focus on slice of life. A good one for those who is tired of so many cruelty in pokemon fanfic.

8 months ago

Pokemon fanfic in mtlnovel is good but hard to read, thank you to comrademao for this mtl so I can read this novel without hurting my brain with Chinese pokemon name translation.

not in the mood
8 months ago

Its not bad

8 months ago

i cant use google translate on this website. whats going on?

empress lust
8 months ago
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8 months ago
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7 months ago

2/5 meh
Bad pokemon fanfic

6 months ago

Boring and mushy, his pokemin become OP without reason