Pokemon: Trainer Starts As Bounty Hunter

Pokemon: Trainer Starts As Bounty Hunter


For unknown reasons, a top student travels to this world where pokemon have infinite possibilities.
This world exists only in animation
It’s a pity that as the protagonist, he still failed to escape the orphan’s law of the protagonist’s law
But fortunately, he has a portable chip. Although it is not very useful, it is better than nothing.
Coupled with your own efforts, luck and knowledge, you are lucky to be alive in this world
“A trainer who can’t make money is not a good trainer.”

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3 months ago

Dammit! 3 pokemon fanfic in a row. I never read pokemon fanfic coz I never understand the names of those pokemon in machine translation.

3 months ago
Reply to  gemberforces

Wkwkw, Same for me, i can’t understand name China

3 months ago

Hallelujah!! thank you 👍👍

Emperor one
3 months ago

I don’t understand why people love Pokémon so much and that every week there novel added , on this site they is maybe 5 full pages all Pokémon novel and it expanding since there will be a new Pokémon every week , this week novels is bad first three novels really bad and now three Pokémon novels , not everyone likes Pokémon and there should be one this week not three , novel realese should be diverse so all readers can see if there a good novel to read.

empress lust
3 months ago
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3 months ago
Reply to  empress lust

Go away idiot 😝

3 months ago

Good at the start
But I don’t really the fact that the author sometimes literally skip the MC and just talk about other which I really don’t dislike but this intervention for me should have some relation with the story around The MC but this multiple POV don’t influence even a bit of the story and there are more boring that reading a Chinese cliché
So Now I will try to read a bit more but this already disappoint me

3 months ago

Is it just me or is comrademao slowly becoming a Pokemon fanfic dedicated site. Isn’t it like the 10 Pokemon fanfic this month alone??

3 months ago

Has potential but the MC is not interesting enough for me to keep reading the novel. The fact that he lost on his first league reminds me of Ash, and it does not sit well with me. LOL.

3 months ago

I have to say a great podemon fanfic he is semi op and has a lot o training arc thats is good he losses the first cup but since the begginer he say that he go after the johto league because you want him to win agains people that train pokemon for 5-10 years in hes first? The only problem is the rank of power that is mess up like pokemon lv 30 is elite and 60 is elite too?

3 months ago
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3 months ago

Good Pokémon novel and author tried to be more realistic but it’s very annoying that Mc always cry about money 💰
->I cam understand that author trying to say that it’s expensive to be trainers but I can’t stand all these money-money stuff even after long time
-> and Mc is not active in challenging gym as well

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1 month ago

again Pokémon