Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go

[No waste wood, no dog licking, Heaven’s Chosen strives for hegemony and invincible flow]
Jun Xiaoyao travels through the fantasy world and becomes the Desolate Ancient Aristocratic Family Divine Child. He has an invincible background and a stunning innate talent. He also gets the Registration System and starts the registration with a Great Accomplishment Desolate Ancient Sacred Body.
In Tai Yue Ancient Tablet register, get 6 Star award, Hell Suppressing Divine Elephant Strength!
Register at the ten-year-old banquet and get 7 Star rewards, Supreme Bone!
Register in the Bronze Immortal Palace, get 8 Star rewards, the mother of all things!
Register in the Borderless Sea and get 10 Star rewards, he can become Dafa free!
Countless years later, Jun Xiaoyao sat cross-legged in Nine Heavens, his sword pointed at Heavenly Dao: “Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, my lord ups and downs, the end of the immortal road, I am Peak!”

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