Proficiency – 10,000,000 Times Cultivation

Proficiency – 10,000,000 Times Cultivation


Outside the planet, there is a dead and boundless darkness.
Unknown planets are connected, woven into shelters of life, and countless cosmic races explore, develop, multiply, and fight against the empty darkness.
The little nameless clan can gain power for hundreds of years, and the powerful clan of billions of years can disappear in an instant.
Cultivation and inheritance, Tianjiao contends for glory, and heroes rise.
The human race started strong and went to the end.
No. 5 Broken Star, 732 Island Town, Wang Yu started his cultivation.
A few years later, the human race has bloomed in every corner of the world.

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8 months ago

Don’t judge this book by its name. It is a very intricately woven story and an engaging read. The cultivation is very consistent and does justice to the cheat. The characters are beautifully portrayed with correct spice of emotions that make the story worth your time.

8 months ago

Finally this site has bookmarks function, and this novel shall enter my bookmark. Cheat+Hard work= OP MC who grow fast+Lowkey and steady

8 months ago
Reply to  gemberforces

that’s what I thought when I was reading this. The author is fully using the system and is not nerfing MC. Moreover, there are no young master or white jade log leg females BS. Power up is well thought out and has lots of actions. Definitely 4.5/5 (ch 139)

8 months ago

Good read

8 months ago

Its slow and boring. If its a system , then cultivation should be fast and op at every level and cultivation process should be detailed and story to be entertaining. But here its lacking in everything. Story boring. Cultivation level is known but process is not detailed,and what changes takes place at every small level etc.. And most of the content act like fillers.
Overall average.

6 months ago
Reply to  anshul123ful1

You are the unique one here.. Who only gibes negative reviews for all sigh… Did you even ever liked a novel before?

8 months ago

5 star
Very good novel
mc isn’t brain dead and don’t waste time for shitty reasons and he is very hard working
There isn’t any romance (I like it)
Plot and Mc progress is logical
system is a little tasteless and shallow but atleat much better than when mc take everything from system

8 months ago

so what is his cheat (system) ?
is it op ?
how much it affects mc?

7 months ago


7 months ago

This novel is really good, i like Mc and his power in recent story

6 months ago

What does it mean by human rave bloomed in every corner of the world, at the end of the novel description? I have read the first chapter and have a good impression of the novel, if it turned into some Human Emperor shit where humans are weak then the mc appears becoming Hero Of Justice & Humanity then I will be dropping it.

Last edited 6 months ago by Kennny