Protect Our Patriarch

Protect Our Patriarch


Dressed as [fantasy world] [patriarch], portray the fantasy world as realistic as possible from the perspective of the family, grow spiritual fields, raise spiritual fish, develop various family industries in an all-round way, support salted fish elders to become ancestors to serve as umbrellas, and inspire juniors to bravely venture The Holy Land Academy has come to the fore.
It is not a fantasy of passionate combat, but is based on the promotion of various family industries, funds, facilities, domestic servants, family generals, clansmen, guest officials, in-laws and other elements. Trying to see the “old-fashioned” fantasy world from a fresh perspective.

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1 year ago

No unique cultivation technique, no super genius, no cheat system, no sect/grandpa backing, no resources, and 2 visible enemies at the door for life and death. How to save everyone?
Boring, and can be called fictional plot.

1 month ago
Reply to  anshul123ful1

which story is not fictional. And I am fking tired of cheats and system. We don’t need above mentioned cliche shit all the time.

8 months ago

hi update please

6 months ago

A true clan building novel, that focuses more on the clan rather than the MC. I Specially liked the focus on the descendants and the effect the MCs efforts had on them. The novel has a slow pace with more slice of life on the later chapters, thus sometimes it can indeed get boring but if you are tired of the usual xianxia, this is a great pick!

1 month ago

a really good novel. For some it might feel boring but I enjoy slice of life style novel.