Recharge Martial Saint

Recharge Martial Saint


Five Qi Chaoyuan Boxing: Entry + Energy: 1 (can be recharged with food/meat/medicines, etc. to obtain energy points)…
Traveling through troubled times and disasters, Qin Yi, who gritted his teeth and became a Taoist priest in order to survive, became a Taoist priest. With his peerless talent and hard work, Yi finally became stronger step by step and achieved the story of the Martial Saint!

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7 months ago

This is retard. Enemies keep jumping out of nowhere even though MC keep being lowkey and never provoke first. He solve one minion, his superior come to knock the door. MC solve that superior, other stronger superior jump out to avenge his subordinates.

Fuck, it’s endless loop of pointless conflict, and MC is still have hidden danger because he stack multiple low level martial arts that make his body have dark wounds everytime he use secret skill. I’ll not bookmark this endless loop of frustration, as if author can only make plot related to MC kill, upgrade martial arts, kill again, revenge comes, upgrade again, kill again…

7 months ago
Reply to  gemberforces

Brother atleast read with your eyes open mc kill a son of important person who is in enemy army (current mc is sect is forced t o participate in war with enemy nation so he also have to join army)
So enemy just narrow down the list of suspected in which team 2nd is on list which also contain mc and some other PPL
Atleast read clearly before giving bad reviews atleast it readable

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7 months ago

@ayushsengar4886 welcome to cm where people exaggerate anything

7 months ago

Boring. And slow. And not explained properly.

7 months ago

Whatever friends above say but it is interesting.

7 months ago

10 ch review
From what I have read length of chapter is bigger than avg
Story starts with mc being transmigrate to another world of martial art
His father send him to Taoists sect bcs current war is going on and PPL above 15 are being send to army mc have lost his 2 bother in war
Mc get martial arts but found that they don’t make PPL very strong like boke mount and stop river(Lol use refrence from novel)but can make PPL health and live long

Now about system

It is basically upgrade panel where mc can convert food meat or medicinal plant into point then upgrade his technique

Though about novel

To me it was kinda ok i guess I will read it till now no arogant young master shit good time skips like half month and month (bruuh don’t like novel where mc get trouble every day )

7 months ago

ch 154 review
Cultivation relam divide into 1 to 9 rank then innate(1 to 5) then grandmaster(not much known about it)
Mc cultivate relam(154) is innate 3 it was readable u can. Try reading u don’t got anything better to read there is also qi cultivation art which needed to assist in cultivation (bcs it can Inc life span rate of healing and other things it also supports when breaking through innate bcs it’s life threatening)