Reincarnation Paradise

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Opportunities and danger coexist in the reincarnation park. You can get anything as long as you keep your life.

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Rated 4.90 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratings10 Ratings
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  1. Nuts

    I like this series, Hope new chapters get uploaded soon.

  2. AcasualPawn__

    Nuts join Discord for reports. Ask admin to update chapters.. https://discord.gg/MrgXAnS

  3. Har Rai

    I can see why this is the top fanfic novel out there.

  4. gabryel cabral de melo

    very good the novel is missing much chapter you are reading the novel and pass it to the next chapter and sinplisnente jumps 4 or 5 chapters mo my case the worst until now was chapter 1342 I went to the proxino and went to 1348 I became involved and the worse that you are going to look for another site that has the novel for you to read what is missing and does not find a place

  5. Sarathan

    @Gabryel Cabral De Melo
    Join Discord for chapter missing reports. Admin will add missing chapters once he get informed.

  6. yudi

    I like this novel

  7. Niepok


  8. id required

    Amazing novel recommended to read . I was NOT disappointed.

  9. Devious deconstruction

    I think this is a good novel except the mc is too selfish, ruthless and merciless. I mean i cant find a difference between him and an intelligent killing machine. I kind of get why he does it but he atleast try to get along with others besides using fear? anywere its just my opinion

  10. TrueHistoria

    So, I’ve decided to proceed through the rest of the story by continuing through the machine translated chapters (ComradeMao and LNMTL), after reading the translated ones by TranslatiOtaku, thereby killed my brain cells on the process.

    Yet, I have no regrets, ‘cuz what a ride it was! Even though I’ve been struggling to comprehend throughout the adventure, I’ve had my share of fun.

    And now, I will jot down my review:

    First of all, this novel is sick!

    Reincarnation Paradise revolves around the adventures of Su Xiao. He is called upon by an unknown organization and finds himself in another world called “Reincarnation Paradise”. His journey unravels as he must cross derivative worlds which are worlds of various popular Japanese animation series. The system of Reincarnation Paradise will give him various tasks he must complete as soon as he set foot upon each of this worlds. Accomplishments will earn him rewards depending on the rate of what he finished, and failures will result to a forced execution. Su Xiao must struggle in order to survive, yet as an assassin and one driven by revenge, this is rather an opportunity.

    Setting: 9/10

    In a modern world, there exist an “another world” and “derivative worlds” which consists of people called “Contractors”. Contractors are hired by an unknown organization to set foot in another world and will be given various missions such as going into derivative worlds.

    In this another world called “Reincarnation Paradise”, Contractors will have access to such features unbelievable and nonexistent to their real world like the following examples:

    Status Window:
    Level = xx
    Rank = xth

    Strength = x
    Agility = x
    Vitality = x
    Intelligence = x
    Charm = x
    Luck = x

    Skill Window:
    Skill 1: a
    Skill 2: b
    Skill 3: c

    Equipment Window:
    Weapon: s

    Head: d
    Arms: e
    Body: f
    Torso: g
    Legs: h
    Accessory: i

    This is the Contractor’s personal info’ and it is rather very familiar, similar to a character’s menu in most of Role-Playing Games. This will serve as their power and endurance to survive in derivative worlds. These statistics will change depending on how a Contractor can prevail.

    In derivative worlds, these are the worlds which resemble the most of people’s favourite Japanese animation series like One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, and so. Upon entering, Contractors will engage and interact with plot characters (like teaming up with, fighting against, etc.) as per the Reincarnation Paradise’s main objective, or on their own accord. In addition, they can acquire items and equipments which may help them amid their journey.

    Upon completion of the mission given to them, Contractors will be able to leave the derivative world and returns to Reincarnation Paradise. Finally able to claim their rewards, the primary is the attribute points which will be necessary to strengthen their statistics. There is also a level increase which is not gained through killing monsters or characters and experience ppints. Additional rewards will be carried over should they encounter secondary objectives or hidden tasks or items while on the derivative world, such as consumables, equipments and Paradise Coins. There is also a currency system in Reincarnation Paradise on which each contractors can transact and trade with each other.

    Contractors will be able to return to the real world after some time. There is a difference between a Contractor and a normal human, in which Contractors are able to carry their stat’s in the real world, yet they cannot divulge anything related to the Reincarnation Paradise. Otherwise, again, forced execution.

    After some time, Reincarnation Paradise will summon them again as soon as a new derivative world will begin.

    Characters: 10/10

    Su Xiao is the one this story chronicles around. As a child, his parents has been slaughtered by an unknown assailant. Ever since then, he was driven by revenge and became an assassin. Growing up with vengeance, getting closer to solve the mystery of the death of his parents, he was unfortunately courted by death in a rathet ungreatful situation. Yet, as soon as he opened his eyes, he realized that this is no death, but in another reality, and that will unfold his adventure.

    To describe his characteristics in a simple manner and to avood disclosing any spoilers, the following enumeration of popular characters are as follows:

    1. Issei Hyoudou (High School DXD)
    2. Kirito (Sword Art Online)
    3. Satou Kazuma (KonoSuba)
    4. 007 (007 Series)
    5. Kiyomi Araragi (Monogatari Series)

    6. Goblin Slayer (Goblin Slayer)
    7. 47 (Hitman Series)
    8. Tatsuya Shiba (The Irregular At Magic High School)
    9. Alucard (Hellsing Series)
    10. Ayanokouji Kiyotaka (Classroom Of The Elite)

    It is noticeable that the items 1-5 have huge disparity compare to items 6-10, yet, items 1-5 have very similarites to each other, so as 6-10 respectively. To put it specifically, people who prefer items 1-5 will have an unlikely fancy to this novel’s MC. Otherwise, people who prefer items 6-10 will definitely like him.

    A cold-blooded killer, one who uses disturbing methods to achieve his goals, and also a Master Manipulator. This is the kind of person Su Xiao is. The most interesting is that when most of derivative worlds’ MCs who belong to the normal hero troupe and crybaby emo’ type encounters the demon incarnate.

    Art: 1/10

    It would be nice if there is some graphics of each volumes. *LOL.*

    Plot: 9/10

    To keep it short and without spoilers, the plot centers around Su Xiao’s adventures and struggles as he will cross derivative worlds. His actions will impact the original work’s timeline, thereby changing it and then proceeding into a different branch which he and other contractors will be involved. Yet, because of Su Xiao’s traits, there won’t be a painless and smooth route involved, so there will be little to no character dev’t.

    While lacking in the chessy character dev’t dep’t, the fights and skirmishes are fantastic. Every battles of Su Xiao are so amazingly detailed. Every moves are calculated neatly, unlike those flashy and forced “Ora! Ora!” which just to unreasonably make a spoiled dimwitted perverted MC looks kool and make the moon blush like a tomato.

    Final Rating: 10/10

    P.S.: I hope the author will publish an english version of this, fully cleaned and organized, unlike the current translation now which is like a poorly edited machine translated. This is the only Chinese novel I read.

    Someone said to me that this is the current numero uno fanfaction across China and I am really jealous of Chinese people, for they are enjoying a material like this to its fullest.