Returning After Three Years Of Transmigration In The Martial Arts World

Returning After Three Years Of Transmigration In The Martial Arts World


After more than a dozen bloody fights in the world of martial arts, he has exchanged many martial arts and skills in the main god space, and he has returned to the future world more than 3,000 years later.
This is the year 1311 in the new calendar.
The former human civilization has long been a legend, and we can only learn a little bit about the scales and claws of the former human civilization through the archaeology of the underground ruins and tombs that were occasionally excavated.
Xia, Shang and Zhou, Spring and Autumn and Warring States, Qin, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties…even everyone and things in the 20th and 21st centuries, including various civilizations that were once proud of human beings, have become ancient legends.
In this era of prosperous technology but broken civilization, he was a little at a loss, and gradually wanted to do something.
He wants the human beings in this new era to know more about the things of his era.

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30 days ago

If mc’s name was mentioned in the description, then we might have been able to guess the future Dynasty representing humanity.

Anyway, guys do leave a review before rating novels, no matter how short it is, we can at least make guesses from that.

30 days ago

Only in early part.

‘Li Zhongwu’ is the name of the MC.
He had traveled through martial arts movie worlds for 3 years where he had system interface which gave him mission in every new world.
Now he mistakenly comes to a world which is 3000 yrs into the future. System interface stops working. He has no system now, only a personal space.
The background of world he came to is in 21st century there was nuclear fall out, humans became nearly extinct with only pockets of human society surviving in extreme conditions for 2000 years and start developing again in the next 1000 years to once again become a modern world.
That modern world also speaks in Chinese but with different accent. (shakes my head).

Females introduced as some kind of idols who have film crew. All are asking MC which crew he belongs to as if every common man belongs to some film crew or the other.

Anyway, I feel there isn’t much poison, but there isn’t any medicine too. It feels bland to taste.

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30 days ago

Novel is ok.
Good, ruthless MC, not a lot of complex thinking, so it’s pretty easy reading.

MC background: MC had a crippling illness(?), and wishes to have a better life. He gets taken into a Martial Arts Movie World Reincarnation -type world, where you visit multiple movies and interact with the characters (e.g. Ip Man).

MC survived multiple movies and bought many martial arts skills, as well as a personal space.

The start of the novel is the MC thinking he is in a new Martial Arts Movie World, but instead has returned to Earth.

MCs original timeline is considered ‘Ancient’, and the society was restarted after nuclear war.

Originally this was a normal low-level Martial World, but towards the middle story, author starts to reveal super powers.

As of the current chapters, the MC is making movies (lol)

30 days ago

It is not a bad novel but nothing special either, the progression of time is a bit slow but you can read it to pass time if you don’t mind a semi-urban genre.