Sanctification Starts From Time Dao Fruit

Sanctification Starts From Time Dao Fruit


Just now a female sword fairy passed by with a sword above your head, you looked up.
Seeing the female sword fairy slaying the demon dragon in the endless East China Sea a hundred years ago is the happiest thing in the world.
An old beggar passed by you just now, and you glanced over.
Peeping at the closed gate of heaven where the old beggar knocked with a dog stick three hundred years ago, laughing at all the gods in the sky, you condense the Tao fruit of the years [beating the gods].
Just now a scholar begged you for a sip of wine, you squinted at it.
Observe the scholar five hundred years ago, looking at the sword with a lamp at night, one person with one sword and one white shirt, on the frontier battlefield, killing heads of aliens rolling, swallowing thousands of miles like a tiger, you condense the Tao fruit of the years [Longevity].

An Le came across, this world is chaotic, and life is as thin as paper.
Fortunately, Anle can see other people’s highlights, or grief, or helpless years of past events, and then condense them into the fruit of the years to bless themselves.
Teenagers practiced, refined their spirits, and accumulated Dao fruits.
Knock on the door of practice calmly and become holy silently.

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1 month ago

Here I go bois… Lets hope I survive.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

chapter 8, and its decent. Not too fast paced, not too slow. Just perfect pacing and interactions.
So far we have been introduced to 4 beautiful women including a milf whose husband is perhaps dead.

I particularly don’t care if there’s a harem or not. As long as MC isn’t slapping everyone and their mother in faces and young arrogant masters jumping at every third or so chapter.

I have high hopes for this novel as it starts out promising. Let’s see if this novel still remains good after some more chapters.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

I take back what I said. This is turning out pretty bad.

Remember this line in the summary? “Knock on the door of practice calmly and become holy silently.”

Well, not so silently after all, sigh….

Will write final review after this… I don’t know how many times I have been burned by the so-called “low-key” being promised in the novel for only it to be shit on later in the story.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Unfortunately, I will be dropping this novel as this is simply not for me. I will explain my reason first and then go into detail about what this is all about.

Remember how I said in the previous comments that the interactions are good. Well, they are the exact reason I am dropping this novel along with the world structure and this MC.

Now, lets come to the cheat first. MC cheat is that he can absorb wisps of time qi from other cultivators. These wisps are of two types, one is golden and other is normal grey. Golden one helps him see a part of the target past and their certain memories of that time. After watching that short memory, MC will get a talent like double the cultivation speed or sword genius.

The gray wisps on the other hand, acts like XP points which he can add in his exercises or talents to awaken them or progress them.

And this is exactly where the first problem arise. The author doesn’t explain how the cheat works. And just nerfs it heavily, making it so that MC can only absorb two or three wisps of grey Qi from cultivators.

Now, lets come to the world building. The world in this novel is one of the main reason I am dropping this novel.

Apparently, this world is divided into kingdoms with kings, generals and others. The main power structure is centered around them. The Kingdom MC is living in is being attacked by other kingdoms, namely, “Western Barbarians” and “Aliens”. The sole mention of MC being involved in the kingdom and power structure is giving me PTSD.

As for the power structure, I will refrain from mentioning it as it is just your typical ones.

Now, the final nail in the coffin for me is the MC, the characters around him and the decision that he makes.

So, MC goes to the big family as a painter.
*The said family’s two maids who are cultivators becomes interested in him because he is young and looks handsome….
I mean, are you fucking serious? Such a big family, and the maids haven’t seen anyone on par with MC?? Just bad writing to force interactions.

*So, MC then competes with other old painters who all are for some reason mocking MC for being there.
Huh??? What the fuck?

*The lady of the house, who is overseeing the painters, meets MC eyes and suddenly her spirit trembles, after which, she becomes interested in MC.
Really author? You dumbass.

*MC then wins the competition, because he was an art student in his previous life and can draw lifelike portraits.

*MC then asks for the future exercises and the proceed to breakthrough in front of the lady by adding points, amazing her and the maids who are in doubt.
Are you fucking serious?

*MC then exit from the building and wouldn’t you know it, the old painter who was mocking MC is actually working under a young master who now wants to break MC’s arms and legs because he interrupted his plans…

*MC then proceed to talk about how he is going to join the scholar faction and then rise to the top to join another cultivation faction.

Well, my problem with this novel is exactly this. When the author introduced us to the MC and the story, he talks about how he is going to be careful with his cheats and stay low… I mean, in a world where prime age for starting cultivation is 12 years and those without qualification can not practice, it would be storage for a guy in eighteen who had no qualification prior to suddenly show talents that can rival even the strongest. And this is exactly what he is doing.

If the author would had made it clear from the start, then I wouldn’t be bothered at all, but this is just bait and switch. One moment the author says something and the next moment does the exact opposite. It would have saved my time.

Overall, this novel is average, but it gets a harsh review from me because of the bait and switch. And I am not exactly a fan of a world with negative iq and kingdoms, scholars, politics at all.

As for my fellow daoists, if you guys like these kinds of stories, then you guys can go ahead.

My journey ends here.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Thanks for your sacrifice big brother.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

When you said how the maid interaction went, i just pity the author for needing the MC to be handsome to have any decent conversation. Rough live he is living to think of that.

Also is an art major really going to help that much if you are in a different world and they have different taste for art. You also can’t bs your way out of this one like here by saying this is “modern” or “you just lack imagination”. Talking with those guys are a pain in the arse

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Thanks for your contribution buddyπŸ™

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Thank you for your sacrifice fellow daoist may you cross this poisonous tribulations

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Which novels would you recommend to read??

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Thanks for the Sacrifice Fellow Daoist Brother.

1 month ago
Reply to  Exodus

Lmao bro, the level of your poison resistance has reached beyond my understanding.