Save Wizard World

Save Wizard World


This is a mysterious, cruel wizarding world.
This is a group of intelligent and crazy wizards.
Endless star wars, eternal colonial plunder, this is a magnificent era, this is an era where heroes forge epics!
In an accident, an ordinary soul embarks on a great journey.

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11 days ago

Boring novel I read it until 140 chapter, there no sense of accomplishment in becoming an official wizard whole wizard world feels like some hello kitty adventures, ur not allowed to kill, no human experiment, no wars, no world invading every one co-exist peacefully the fights always vs some monsters to get their blood, MC prob most boring system slave ever by system i mean he signed family contract for 30 years and Academy contract later on he’s bound by 2 contracts always stays in the wizard tower with he’s dark elf slave feeling like I’m reading someone dairy of no use, anyway much disappointment this novel

Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
10 days ago
Reply to  kappalord

bruh a wizard novel with no human experiment πŸ’€

10 days ago
Reply to  kappalord

Lol are u sure this is wizard World what kind of wizard are they without plunder and ruling other civilization

9 days ago

That’s what happens when someone who just started watching anime tries to copy a magus/wizard novel.

3 days ago

hiatus for 2 years