Chen Dong & 辰东

Shrouding the Heavens

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In the icy-cold and pitch-black depths of the universe, nine titanic dragon corpses were pulling an ancient bronze coffin that seemed to have existed forever. This was the extremely shocking scene that a space probe caught within the empty void. Nine dragons pulling a coffin; had they returned to the ancient past, or had they arrived at the other side of the universe? A vast immortal world of heroes: monstrous, gruesome, and endlessly mysterious. Blood boiling over like an erupting volcano, passion surging as strong as a vast ocean, desire as great as an endless abyss… Step onto the heavenly road, walk the melodic path, and with the snap of a finger, shroud the heavens. Translator description: Thirty-three classmates hold a reunion after graduating. Tensions soar and old friendships are tested, as a strange turn of events lead them to follow the path of the ancient gods. Entering a new world of cultivation, can any of them reach Immortality, or will they all fall along the way?

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