Sign In For 100000 Years, Please Hurry Up

Traveling through the fantasy world, Ye Yun became the head of the Divine Dragon Sect. His talent was amazing. He led the Divine Dragon Sect, opened up frontiers, and continued to grow.
When I was in high spirits, I suddenly awakened to the sign-in system.
A careless move, bewitched by the system, the soul enters a mysterious space, can’t practice every day, sign in once every ten minutes, and get amazing rewards. One hundred thousand years have passed.
one day.
The 298th head of the Divine Dragon Sect came to the grave to bid farewell and was about to disband the Divine Dragon Sect.
The sign-in is over.
Ye Yun left the customs and began to slaughter the Quartet, and countless forces were crying and howling.
A hundred years later, the sect holy land of nine heavens and ten places begged Ye Yun to step into the gate of the immortal domain.

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