Spellmaster’s Manual

Spellmaster’s Manual


In 1668, my city was voted the best safe place in the country.
I have made an indelible contribution to this.
Because I got caught.

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1 year ago

when I first read it, it gave off an arknight game vibe. But with time, this feeling will slowly fade away. Very slow story in some scenes, too much charging that kills the momentum, I almost gave up.

1 year ago

I changed my mind. if you can learn the skill: ignore, after reading this novel, it’s actually a good read. Very unique plot and world layout. The heroin point of view is the best part, they have their own lives and don’t focus on love. I hope comrademao can update this novel further.

Skor: 4/5.

Evaluation: “Unnecessary details and information are really very disturbing. If you are interested in reading this novel, I suggest not reading chapters that explain other people’s point of view besides MC, heroin, and his close friends. Too many unknown points of view that have little to do with the original story. It’s really useless.”

11 months ago

There many part that I really like and are well written, but there are also many places where the world development take up time between the good parts. Overall it quite good about 4/5. Btw chapter 538 and 539 have become the same chapter and 1 chapter are missing

Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
2 months ago

Chap 43
I love the relationship between mc and sonia
The world building is unique and i really enjoy the journey.