Spirit Sword Sovereign

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An Emperor, ruling on the pinnacle of humanity is killed by his best friend. However contrary to his expectations his soul returns ti his body which is 16 years old. However this body is absolute trash. Follow his journey from the weakest tk the strongest.

December 12, 2019Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3700
December 12, 2019Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3699
December 12, 2019Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3698
December 12, 2019Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3697
December 11, 2019Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3696
December 11, 2019Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3695
December 11, 2019Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3694
December 10, 2019Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3693
December 10, 2019Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3692
December 10, 2019Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3691
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Rated 3.63 out of 5 based on 30 customer ratings30 Ratings
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  1. Nasir Uddin ahmed

    Simple words best novel ever!!!!!!!!!

  2. gb hunter

    I read first 5 chapter of this novel and it’s storyline same as tales of demon and god

  3. AcasualPawn__

    I have read 200 chapters so far and it is getting better and better.

    If like novels like ATG, TDG, MGA. Then definitely this novel is for you. But you have to read at least 100 chapters.

  4. Yuki

    it was great for the first arc (5 star for that) but become trash on the later part. from a ruthless cunning mc on it become stupid and idiot for a ambitious stubborn woman in later part. which is so ridiculous. it ruin the story so much.

  5. AcasualPawn__

    After reading 1087 chapters(MC went to another world to bring his wife back).

    Cultivation Realms
    Body Tempering
    Spirit Gathering
    Earth Spirit
    Heavenly Spirit
    Yin Yang
    Martial Emperor
    Venerable Emperor

    -It is a slow paced novel in terms of cultivation and plot.
    -No harem.
    -Usual cliche plot like becoming powerful saving wife etcetera etcetera. But it is done pretty well so no problem there.
    -MC is not stupid and idiotic he uses his
    brain pretty well.
    -Minor influence building.
    -Decent scheming.

    Well, this novel is pretty good and is getting better and better.

    If you enjoy novels like ATG, MGA, ED, NSHBA, TDG then this novel is for you.

  6. Knight Wraith

    I love the manhua and now starting the novel from the scratch.Can anyone please name the waifu’s?

  7. AcasualPawn__

    Wife-Shui Linxang(no harem)

    Dropping at chapter 1308.

  8. napatalio

    How can a novel like ATG, MGA, NSHBA be not a harem novel….?

  9. AcasualPawn__

    I was comparing it based on story, cultivation system, world setting and plot. And yeah until chapter 1.3k it is not harem, tho MC already had a child with another woman(not main lead).

  10. user

    Hey can anyone tell me is it a harem or not ??? Please

  11. Sarathan

    I think there are many girls but all them are different parts of same soul. Somewhat like Grasping Evil.
    So this is harem but at the same time it is not.

  12. Tynides

    I don’t know. I don’t like it. Why can’t these novels with experts traveling to the past have the temperament of an expert? I mean, really? Just the first few chapters and I’m frustrated already. Arguing with the “genius” fiancee and betting. Why can’t they just ignore them and get things done already. I’m so done. There always have to be a bet which is totally unnecessary. Pointless drama.

    Here’s what we have at the start:

    – Waste MC
    – Genius fiancee
    – Bet between MC and fiancee (pointless drama imo)
    – Hated by Clan
    – Lost parents (Not really a bad thing for me)

    Sorry but not sorry. Couldn’t even get past chapter 10 because of these cliches and the pointless dramas that will ensue.

  13. athjosh

    Can anyone tell me when he defeats his heart demon?

  14. Sarathan

    @Athjosh Around 2500-2600

  15. Omega Nasir lLord

    Alright seeing all the comments above I will give u basic idea –
    In story he is mature and totally loyal to one heart one love law he loves that girl because she gave her life for him and his mother was locked in her big clan and father was hidden and sealed for his safety and MC builds forces in some plots to fulfil his duty to save his lover and parents that’s also interesting.
    Due to merge with different soul memories her lover changes to selfish and uses MC but he still loves her and gives whatever she want.And also instory his martial spirit is an ancient sword with no limit.
    He in this story get recognised by various planets wills and become pure original god and also his stubborn son later gets mature.
    In story he goes in dream land and travels to the 1st era of creation and he was a black dragon species son of a dragon lord.

    Here he truly changes as for balance in dragon race safety he gets married to girls 5 girls which are actually his human birth future lover and he had a faith chain with them.He originally agreed because he later becomes a demon kind ancestor means 1st demon and born from his blood so made dragons feel safe.
    He slowly becomes a choas dragon with all 9 elements with ancestor level soul primordial body.
    Due to his interference with change in time he faces heaven’s wills warth.As heaven will wanted to annliate dragons phenoix etc in this arc we will know about the real story about his best friend’s betrayal and is actually a fire phoenix and love ice phoenix but was taken by MC so he promised to cut MCs head 9 time to reagin his powers.
    The dream world is actually a world where people are sent to make changes in of their origin life’s but no was able to do it except MC .So heaven will plan of annalation failed made him die and make demon race go wild to kill all dragons phenoix white tiger etc
    In dream land MC already live nearly lived billion year so it’s about time for his return.And last fight after heaven will he disappeared and returned to his time.
    Because his primordial soul returned the body of his soul become rouge and killed everyone even his lovers.
    They later reincarnated and he realises that and accept them.
    Due to this after his fight his original body was lost with no mind after fight no one and was not in ancestoral grave so he manage to recover only his primidial soul only.
    And go in a journey to find his body and also get together with his wife’s and children he even had a temple’s of his by his grand grand grand sons of hundreds of his bloodline.It was not in one day so don’t mistake me his one son gave birth to hundreds so u think his sons children did.
    He make all powerful with him and many characters u feel bad for he find them after their reincarnation.

  16. nathan

    Someone tell me if the Mc and is wige get together again, for a long time, because for what i read every time he meet her they are soon separete again, and if happen what chapters?

  17. Valen

    How can I find the chapter 1?
    I want to read from the chapter 1.
    Thanks in advance.

  18. Rhisk

    Can anyone tell me from which chapter the mc is going to look for his wife in the ice sect, or find her again?

  19. gobvince1

    1 to 1,000 is alright but from onward till the last chapter update *strengthening + upgrade his level* if you know someone who’s good in gossip this author is one of them too much bla blah blah, just read till 1,000 then forget everything or just come back when there is chapter 4,000 then that might be his final battle but possible to be chapter 7,000 since the author loves blah blah blah.

  20. gobvince1

    Just imagine that you’re playing chess with someone then when he’s about to move he suddenly told you a story then it took minutes then hours then days then when you thought he’s finish and about to move then again he continued and continued, then you realize you wasted a lot of time of playing chess with him.

  21. Omega Nasir lLord

    Again reading but still love it don’t know why but some people think every situation and occasions will only happen one time and never again and also is called blah blah LoL dude long novels with slow place I too don’t love but here emotions/sentiments,his character evolution and details that I like.
    I can bet who don’t like ATG or TGD or etc types of novels will not like this novels as it has some stuffs which are different from normal novels with all bullshitings this novel has elements of evolution and sentiments…

  22. Omega Nasir lLord

    Oh also it has romance- harem with true long time spent love slow but true love nd eternal for some aspects, has childrens,op choas dragon main body,top level choas soul body etc

  23. AtnShadid

    I’m kind of shocked by the high rating of this novel. Here you have the following:

    1) Cliché start => Fiance break engagement -> Random bet against her -> defeat her while she tries to kill him then let her live in agony of missing him.

    2) MC mindset => You’d expect (or at least I do) from a “powerhouse” that went back into the past to be smart , self enduring and not show off. Here for some reason he keeps showing off more than he needs (and apparently non betrays him). MC is also kind of easily provoked, just causing himself trouble over and over.

    3) MC keeps those relations from his previous life in mind, and that’s fine but it gets carried too far. For example when he saved that Luo chick from the beasts horde and almost died. Yeah keeping sentiments in mind is nice , but nothing is worth your life. Did his years of being an Emperor not teach him anything about life?

    So all in all , the novel has very major flaws yet it’s showered with those 5 stars. Also it’s slow paced (not slowest out there), with an overpowered MC that never can’t get through the troubles , as he simply can just breakthrough at the crucial moment. Big meh , unless you feel like wasting your time.

  24. BigSlon


  25. Omega Nasir lLord

    Sighs reader who read few chapters(super fast readers) drops and complains eventually.
    I even pointed out all the main facts but one has to atleast go slow and maybe this is not for everyone preference.
    So I suggest some specific readers not to read who oftens drops novel or like Fanfics or other factors.This story is deep and slow so think before reading…..

  26. leonzark

    Pessoal me tirem uma duvida por favor esse romance, o protagonista fica com as outras 4 meninas mais a esposa dele ou ele só fica com a esposa, eu quero saber se é harém ou não? Por favor me digam!!!!!

  27. sammod

    Good novel but there are chapters missing like 3163 and all the chapters between 3175 and 3216 are Missing please add them….

  28. Sarathan

    @Sammod.join discord for chapter missing reports.

  29. sammod

    Discord channel

  30. Phoenix 21

    Sigh……., I’m just speechless with spoilers and asking fr!?