Yu Feng & 禹枫

Spiritual and Martial Conqueror

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After he transmigrated, he became the good-for-nothing young master and met the mysterious old man, Uncle Nan. To protect his family and his beauties, Lu Shaowu stepped onto the path of the strong. The path of the strong was filled with thorns, but it was unable to obstruct the heart of a strong practitioner. It was said that at the peak of Martial Dao and at the peak of the Spiritual Dao, one would be able to shatter the void. He cultivated both spiritual art and martial art and became unparalleled in the world.

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Rated 2.67 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings6 Ratings
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  1. GnomeStyle

    MC is a braindead fucking moron. Through 100 chapters the MC is completely useless, he knows that he should not show that he can cultivate early, what does he do? He shows it anyways. He shouldn’t be creating pills out in the open, what does he do? Creates them right inside his broken ass home and someone sees him doing it. MC knows he shouldn’t show he can create pills, what does he do? Sell his pills out in the open making people know he can make pills. MC knows someone wants to kill him, what does he do? Walk into the mountain for absolutely no reason and almost dies. This is also the same guy that becomes a disciple to two extremely strong people, hahaahahah. I guess they knew he had plot armor because there is not much that makes sense in this novel.

    We also have this cancer family that have neglected him and his mother for 16 years treating them lower than servants. And the author makes everything seem completely fine, tries to act sneaky with some bullshit agreement that just makes it even more cancer to read because the author refuses to reveal anything even after 100 chapters. And then when MC shows his talent everyone changes 180 and author keeps forcing it like, no they had no choice, they owe them so much, blablabla, you get it, I’m gonna guess they’re gonna become a family later for absolutely no fucking reason. His mother a stupid fuck forcing him to recognize his ancestor and other shit, you can see where it is going and it’s fucking bullshit all around.

    The only positive part about this novel is cultivation, it’s well explained and interesting to read, but then again, when you get a braindead MC that somehow becomes a disciple of two OP people and meanwhile does stupid shit for 100 chapters and gets away with it because plot armor, the cultivation is kinda useless 🙂 Also, it is a devour cultivation novel, I don’t have much hopes for it, once it gets going he just going and succ people’s cultivation, might as well read a boring system novel instead.

    His interaction with women are cringe as fuck, already seen two women bathing, it’s anime level of trash.

    Path of plot armor and negative IQ -10/5.

  2. hellcool

    Not bad

  3. leon1234


  4. meowrki


  5. AshrithAsh

    Gnome Style…! The Trasher of trash novels…

  6. koushik-ksv

    Reading the reviews here, better stay away from this novel

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