Star God Soldier King

Star God Soldier King


Chinese soldier Wang Chenxing was blown up by a car bomb during the mission of the UN peacekeeping force. The soul travels to the interstellar world and becomes a genetic evolver with the help of the mysterious star god necklace. From now on, the road to ironblood starts!

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1 day ago

As a veteran and discipline soldier – you don’t have to show respect to females. You can literally feast on her with your eyes. – thats chinese for you. Soldiers r like this, what to expect from civilians. And thats how all these weird young manster novels.
And top student of class will go and challenge and bet with poor and least number student. What the fuck. Who does that.

1 day ago
Reply to  anshul123ful1

Fuck he died in just few chapter because he is “chinese soldier”. Hey, if cheat doesn’t revive him he is gone. One of the dumest novel. I gave up. Who is demanding this type of shit.

1 day ago

I didn’t read it but what the hell is a soldier king?

Aren’t those 2 things completely opposite of each other, and adding a star god to it randomly just makes the whole combination way too wonderful.

If the title is that and that weird synopsis, i don’t even wanna know what’s actually in the story itself.

2 hours ago
Reply to  Practo

Just realised the number of chapters and can’t even understand who wants to read it.

I mean there has to be someone on the official page of whatever publisher that is requesting this shit so that it can reach that amount.

1 day ago

After reading synopsis and seeing no. Of chapter i cane to a conclusion this novel is not worth my time

14 hours ago

1.this is just bad as hell,the behavior of the mc is not of a military is just the tipycal novel of a nobody with a golden figer,
2. the scale of power is just confusing he canot take a punch of a 5 stars soldier when he is a 2 star soldier but then he sudenly can kill alien equivalent to a 8 star soldier being a 4 stars
3. The war arc i think is just nonsense how the hell all a the army of the frontier are save by simple reclutes
4. Typical novel that would be load with a lot of womens that will not remember their names in the next 10 charpther
5.the sister probaly got a super talent and got kidnaped on a future
6.her parentes probaly are death by a powerful enemy a he would serch revenge
7.there is 2246 charpthers and still is going.
The idea is good and i liked the friendship and brotherhood of this novel but to me had a lot of mistakes (sorry if there some bad writen words but inglish is not my first lenguage i am stil learning)1.5/5