Starry Sky of the Magic Tower

Starry Sky of the Magic Tower


As a specialist and enthusiast of astronomy, when looking up at the hundreds of millions of stars in the night sky, it is hard to imagine that human beings live alone in the universe in this huge number.
I opened my eyes again, but I was already in a magical world based on the eight powers of knowledge, power, authority, belief, wealth, dexterity, perception, and mystery.
Looking up at the stars of another world, is your hometown among these billions of stars?
Searching for a possible way home. It may take a lifetime, maybe ten lifetimes, but it is always a hope.

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2 years ago

Too boring
What the hell
How can someone write something so careless
Is there any evidence proving the theory is right
What did you create dude, did the MC have any common sense OR not
He thinks he is brilliant but the story is going in unknown way
I don’t understand at all
Good Novel, I swear i will never touch Magic novels again after this, dumb ass shit it is.

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2 years ago
Reply to  ASH M K

Can you write more specific what was bad in this novel??

2 years ago

This is story about a coward MC who give everything he has to other people.
I bet that he can even give his own wife to other people to get cuckold.

2 years ago

Can anyone say if the novel is good for reading or not?

1 year ago

Plot: Mc comes from Earth to a wizard world and starts applying programming to magic in between slaughtering people who mess with him.

His goal is to get home or if that’s not possible recreate a culture that’s familiar and comfortable to him(like gaming etc.).

Realizing that massive projects like finding a specific world, or even creating a decent game, requires a massive time sink of man hours, he step by step tries to create an Open Source code world so that others will do a lot of the work for him.

4 months ago

-His disciple got r*ped early on in the story after he sent her to the nearest town to inquire. Even though he knows that the townspoke has a bad reputation against the former wizard who owns the tower, he just retardedly waited for her even though she was late. He did not even bother to check on or protect her. The MC did not even confront and kill them until they came to his tower to bully him (the paragraph that implies that scene got deleted from Qidian due to the backlash it got).
-He gave back his modified, modernized, and overpowered tower to his superiors due to the scheme of his enemies (who summon a demon portal or something like that near his tower that will potentially trigger a war), and the wizards blame him for that event in spite of everything he has done to them btw the tower soloed the war so he gave his tactical nuke for almost nothing.
-Invented email, e-commerce, and the internet and handed them over for a small gain.
-The author killed off his pet.
– Mc established a school, became a principal, and got kicked off by a retarded plot. They did not even let his items and money go; they stripped everything from him.
– Mc has to run away from the wizard association, fearing they will kill him or use him to gain his knowledge, leaving him nothing aside from his disciples and his potential lover.
There’s so much more aside to this, and I forget about them; the MC just gives away everything, not even bothering to fight back unless they slap and spit him in the face, and all of this is coming from an MC that has 5 to 10 years of experience in the world that he got isekaid in before he became a wizard, if you want character development? It will happen very late in the story. Sorry for the bad English.

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