Start By Manipulating Your Own Shadow

Start By Manipulating Your Own Shadow


What kind of experience is it to travel through time and become a bandit scout?
And it’s still the kind of delivery of food instead of investigation?
[You, who have been revived in the dark night, have a new life and the power of the shadows. 】
Feeling the information that emerged in his mind, Lin Yue looked at his young, healthy and energetic body in the mirror.
Controlling his own shadow with a calm expression, he rolled up the comb and combed his hair.

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Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
1 month ago

Need test

1 month ago

I’ll be the poison tester this time, I will take it for the clan.
Jokes aside, will review after reading 10 ch ( if I can read 10 chapters).

1 month ago
Reply to  reyan_dragon

Okay, I read 10 chapters. Take my review with some with some grain of salt.
This novel couldn’t hold my interest.

My issues:
1. This is one of those novel in this site where after the english transaltion, pronouns of male and female are interchanged. MC is being referred as She/Her. Of course sometime MC is referred as He/His. It is pretty in-consistent. It becomes confusing when there are two characters of opposite gender in the situation and we don’t understand to whom ‘She/Her’ is referring to.

2. He somehow easily uses new abilities without practice. I couldn’t even use iphone when I first changed from andriod, and this guy somehow is using martial techniques, shadow powers and all in moment’s notice after having living a ‘mediocre life’ – his description of life in our modern society.

3. There isn’t much plot in 10 chapter I read, though albeit what I read were too few chapters, it looked like author was making the story as he was going.

27 days ago
Reply to  reyan_dragon

I’ve read 100 chapters, it’s reasonable to pass the time as long as you ignore 90% of the logic. however I finally couldn’t take it anymore, every woman who meets the MC has fucking feelings for him.

15 days ago
Reply to  reyan_dragon

Thanks for saving us and your sacrificing

26 days ago

The “Fanny Magnet for women” part in the above review ruined all my interest in the novel, the name of novel showed the exact plot I was waiting for but unfortunately, now I can no longer enjoy it. If the information in above review is fake or exaggerated then please do tell me.

From above review, I mean Yuywei’s comment because reva_dragon doesn’t seem to know that he is reading on an mtl site.

Last edited 26 days ago by Kennny
25 days ago
Reply to  Kennny

nah, maybe a rookie on MTL. Any veteran know that u shouldn’t think too hard about grammar when reading MTL. The most important point is the plot. As long the machine translation isn’t too painful like in certain LNMTL site, I rate the novel based on how interesting the novel is

22 days ago
Reply to  gemberforces

Yeah, that’s what I mean but explaining things everytime someone does something stupid has become a little annoying for me.

Kei Marumaru
19 days ago
Reply to  gemberforces

I guess it’s harder for those with interesting plots to be mtl. Not bad at being able to read 70-100 chapters without being poisoned to pass the time

22 days ago

I read over 100 chapters and I have only two things to say.

Firstly, the comments above are a mix of truth and lie, they are basically fake.

Secondly, the author is twisted beyond saving to have wrote this kind of plot. He has literally no idea what he is writing.

He made raping very common, mc is a man whore who sometimes act righteous and sometimes acts Demonic, he doesn’t know what he is doing, the plot deliver him things.

At the start of the novel in first arc, he acted smart after that I never saw any of his smart moments again. He became dumb fuk and is supported by logic less plot. His Shadow started acting like the dead girl he had in past… Acting means action psycho… The author saying perhaps this is what he liked about her.

It’s basically bs plot, at one point, it all feels too annoying. I wasted so much time reading it because comrade mao is no longer uploaded quality novels.