Start Infinite Simulation From Dragon Locking Well

Start Infinite Simulation From Dragon Locking Well


Once transmigrated, Ji Zheng became a dragon locked up in the Suolong Well. Facing the revived world, he silently opened his golden finger…

[On the first day, you were in the ancient well and began to struggle. 】
[On the nineteenth day, you are struggling too much, you are exhausted! 】
[On the ninety-ninth day, you were cut by the dragon-slaying sword under the bridge while you were walking, and you died! 】

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Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
2 months ago

who vote 2 star without leaving a review?

Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
2 months ago

chapter 59, human in this novel full of hack item from ancestor, from beginning mc been kill just by human see him(lol), mc still exploring the world base on the myth of previous life, well he find a backer after everything try to kill him and we may see him evolve into rain dragon water god or some random heavenly being.

edit:yeah the crow is not an ally

edit:chap 124 so far it a good read, one of my favorite simulation novel and old turtle is the goat πŸ‘

edit: chap 238,journey to ying-yang ☯ elements 😎

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Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
2 months ago


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shin - the arrogant young master
2 months ago

One of the best simulation novel.

MC is reincarnated as a flood dragon with a simulator system. He has no sympathy with humans. Doesn’t care if they die.

This story is about him trying to
gradually evolve, survive and becoming stronger.

The world is really chaotic and extremely mysterious. there is danger everywhere, literally anything can kill you and that’s what makes it soo fun!

There’s No romance. Only pure adventure and cultivation.

And I’ll tell you, the adventures here are really damn good!!!!

No matter where mc goes, There is always some amazing mystery waiting to be discovered and it is never boring, atleast I never got bored. Each simulation is interesting and it explores every single route we think.

Every evolution of mc is unique and each of them have different requirements which is again fcking interesting!!!!

Also some good comedy here and there.

MC is also good, he is be the most clever person but he is cautious enough and always tries to do his best to get stronger.

MC really uses his cheat to the fullest and he will never waste even 1% of his resources, he will make sure to milk everything he has completely!!!

Good side characters. I especially loved the villains in this one.

Easy 8/10!

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2 months ago

The novel is being over praised in reviews due to which I had overestimated the mc.

MC isn’t smart or cunning, he just goes with the flow. I can’t believe he failed to discover that silver fruit was the cure to madness when white tiger was fighting for it and only realised that after simulation continued till the madness part. This is just an example.

However, it’s within the tolerance range so it’s fine.

In addition, it’s better not to judge mc’s personality by human standards because most of his actions are directed by beastly instincts.

Especially inside the simulation, he completely looses his human intelligence and behaves like a beast… His decisions no longer feels rational to me.

The author keeps evolving his talent, but to be honest, it feels like plagiarising the name of same talent and writing it again and again. Even its effects doesn’t change, only the power increases.

The plot is based on old chinese myths that doesn’t make sense but if you like them, you will fairly enjoy it.

The plot is newer compared to other copy paste so if you are looking for something new and Dragon like, then this is the novel for you.

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1 month ago

Mc being a monster is cool but it doesn’t change the fact this novel is a poorly made simulation type

15 days ago

Chapters 243 to 248 are missing.

1 day ago

Gotta say knowledge mentioned in this novel is good but when you look at MC who simulates himself, it is good at first but in the later chapters, after the mention of Heavenly Emperor of Heaven, the MC has degraded his intelligence and when he does things in simulation, I can easily think of nearly five ways to kill him and most importantly he can be killed in reality too before he get even stronger which no one took advantage of. That is the bad part of this novel. MC mind is timid but in the simulation when performing he has a lot of courage and he does not mind to die buy in reality he is afraid of death. You can acquire strength in simulation but you cannot acquire mind of sacrifice which you show in simulation. Mind cannot be changed easily.
Disappointed in the later chapters. If he is really strong willed with Mind then I would have said it was the quite opposite of Reverend Insanity, I gotta say even with so much good things, plot, characters, the one bad thing is the mind of MC in reality.
One with Heaven and Earth can only be performed by the people of noble mind and strong sense and belief in things but MC in reality does not possess it and yet he can perform it in reality.The one thing which appeared in my mind when I read it is if Fang Yuan is the MC then he could have solved this thing within 13 simulations and he could have gotten stronger and stood toe to toe with Heavenly Emperor of Heaven Realm in less than a Month of transmigration in this world with this system but the MC here took 2 to 3 months in reality and yet he is only strong and he cannot be compared to people of Heaven Realm at all.
You can imagine how many opportunities he lost in simulation and gotta tell he is not even half step near Heavely Emperor and he is very very weak. Disappointed after 300 Chapters and dropped at chapter 350.

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