Start Infinite Simulation From Mountain Monarch

Start Infinite Simulation From Mountain Monarch


Lu Shan was reborn as a tiger, and the fate that awaits him in the future is either killed or ridden.
He can’t take it.
Fortunately, it has a “life simulator” on it, and you can simulate life infinitely by recharging.

[You awakened into a demon, and because of your handsome and majestic appearance, the female monks who passed by took a fancy to you and asked you to be her mount. You are not willing, soldier]
[You awakened into a monster, infiltrated the human world incognito, and died in the aftermath of the duel while watching the duel.
[You awakened into a demon, sneaked into the mountains and cultivated, and was spotted by a tigress, you would rather die but be dragged away because of your lack of strength, dish]

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3 months ago

hmmm the same situation
mc get problem n hunted by tyrant local sect n the sect is not that powerfull but have young master in tianjou list + very strong master with imperial status
pretty sure i have read something similar with this
so far not really enjoyable read πŸ™

3 months ago
Reply to  qwerty123

pretty sure i have read something similar with this

You are correct. This also reminds me of My Life Can Be Simulated Infinetely

They both need money to recharge simulator
They both save woman’s even if they killed mc in simulation
They both waste simulation to escape dead ends caused by troublesome females identity

I swear why can’t a mc stay hidden, and let the simulation do the dangerous job of entering the river and lakes, sect, Imperial court, etc.

Only problem would be how to recharge simulator
But that’s author fault for choosing this kind of simulator
Could have chosen the simulator with cool-down instead of charging with money

3 months ago

it’s boring all that he do is die an get stronger, to me this kind of novel are repetitive and don’t have something to catch my interest(2/5) until ch 30

3 months ago

Did it shift from a Pokemon oriented MTL site to simulator oriented one?

What’s with these recent updates being the same thing over and over again.

3 months ago
Reply to  Practo

ComradeMao was never a specific genre site; the Translator may have favorites for genres to translate but there is no genre requirements for translation

3 months ago
Reply to  Spade

I know. This was a jab at the same genre repeating again and again.

3 months ago

at first I was intrested in this novel; i’ve been enjoying mthe simulator genre as of late you see however this all went down hill as of chapter 70, the protagonist introduces sciense and chemistry into this cultivation world and a small stick of dynamite is comparable to a Celestial Phenomenon powerhouse’s blow that is a very high level powerhouse and it completley destroyed all the world building because if a si ple stick of dynamie could kill most cultivators why couldnt the mc’s sword why did he struggle so many times against other cultivators??? if the cultivatord were so weak it doesnt make sense for the mc to have struggled so much againt people barley 1 rank ahead of him whether it was a qualitive change rank or not the whole situation is annoying and ruined a novel which i atleast felt had potential.

TLDR: Novel Sucks author ruined it at chapter 70

3 months ago
Reply to  Spade

So it’s one of those novel where mc thinks they are world class scientists because of attending chemistry lab once in a while in high school? And if Dynamites are that strong then Nuclear Bombs and Anti Matter would be.. Nvm seems like we mortals have long surpassed chinese cultivators.

Thanks for saving my time fellow daoist.

2 months ago

What happens in the simulation does not happen. very frustrating . The author exaggerates the butterfly effect. The author’s sole purpose is to kill the MC.