Start With Anti-Armor

Start With Anti-Armor


This is an era of online games for all people. Everyone can choose their own talents when they enter the game.
Warriors, Assassins, Archers, etc., where everyone chooses the Physics Department,
Wu Yan chose the fallen master and awakened the strongest talent “Attribute Plunder”.
Player ‘Wu Yan’ kills a hedgehog, please select the attribute loot to kill the monster.
[Optional attribute 1: Defense +1 point]
[Optional attribute 2: Life +1 point]
[Optional attribute 3: Anti-Armor damage +1%]
Wu Yan chose anti-armor damage at the beginning, and piled the anti-armor to 100% damage.
And began to pile life, practice small healing.

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Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
27 days ago

test, wish me luck

Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
27 days ago

bro i fell asleep reading this

24 days ago

me aburri rapido, no es muy bueno