Start with Basic Fist Technique

Start with Basic Fist Technique


Lu Changsheng, who traveled through time and became an apprentice in the Miaoshou Garden, originally wanted to work hard to be a generation of genius doctor who can help the world. But when he started to practice martial arts, he found that every time he practiced a martial art to perfection, he could improve his understanding.
Moreover, understanding seems to be able to improve all the time. Lu Changsheng wanted to know, where is the upper limit of comprehension?
Unremarkable: Slightly better than crap.
The posture of the middle man: obscuring everyone without knowing it.
Possesses great potential: Xiao He has just shown her sharp corners.
Qianlong in the Abyss: Flood Dragons Come Out of Shallow Water!
Praise from all sides: Show your sharpness, unstoppable!
Dragon and phoenix among men: The name of genius spreads all over the world!
Praise for centuries: Founding a sect and establishing a sect, claiming the title as the ancestor!
A born sage: astonishing the past and the present, unmatched!
There is no one in all ages: there is no one before and no one after!
Top savvy: unspeakable, unseen, unheard!

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Heaven Sky Demon Venerable
2 months ago

bruh the description πŸ’€

2 months ago

The description is confusing so let me reintroduce.

This is a world of immortals and Martial arts
Our MC cannot practice Immortal Tao because he has no spiritual roots.
So till the latest update of 130, he is practicing martial arts.

Till now there are 3 Realms which further divide into sub Realms
Body refining(body*qi-bone-visceral)
Divine Power(10-100-1000 tripods)
Divine Astrsl(gonna enter around 140 according to the plot)

System: increases perception making martial arts and practice easy
100 is normal
200 is middle man
400 is potential
1000 is dragon
The above terms are the Realms of perception
Depending on the tier of martial art practiced, he adds perception
From as low as 1 to as high as 19.

The MC is ruthless.
Not much face slapping.
He forebears where he can.

This plot follows the same line.
He practice -he kills-he gets cheats-retreat-kill enemies-repeat

It’s an okay read.
You can have a go if you don’t have anything else.

Easy 3/5.

shin - the arrogant young master
2 months ago
Reply to  NoobGoku

Thank you for your review!

2 months ago
Reply to  NoobGoku

yes its good he has no roots otherwise it would be like every other novel
you have any novels that MC uses Martial arts in a Xianxia World or develops it to match it.

1 month ago
Reply to  Raizel2014

Not really, it’s the opposite to be honest.

2 months ago

is not bad but also not great, is slightly better than the normal novel of this type


2 months ago

What the fk there is 10 chapters missing from 136 to 146