Start With Max-Level Divine Art

Start With Max-Level Divine Art


Su Mo traveled to the world of martial arts and took over a escort agency that was on the verge of bankruptcy.
The rivers and lakes are ferocious and turbulent. He didn’t want to hang out with the rivers and lakes, but he accidentally got a [Dart Escort System].
As long as the darts are successful, you will be able to get rewards!
[Successful dart betting, get reward: Dragon and Elephant Prajna Gong is a complete success! 】
[The dart is successful, and the reward is obtained: Thirteen Swords of Death! 】
[Successful dart betting, get reward: Tathagata Palm! 】
With a shocking art industry, he has set off a storm.
From the moment Su Mo stepped into the rivers and lakes, the rivers and lakes were no longer peaceful…

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7 months ago

Author doesn’t know how power works,

7 months ago

At chapter 77
->No proper power system at all so it’s hard to tell who is strong and who is weak
-> haven’t show full word background as well like is there any government background, most powerful sect or people or anything

7 months ago
Reply to  otaku_99

This is a fan fiction of quite famous chinese novel so the author might have thought the readers know power classification.

7 months ago
Reply to  JackWill

which novel?

Last edited 7 months ago by nothinsnew
6 months ago
Reply to  JackWill

No author didn’t discuss anything like that, and Mc didn’t even know about world so how cam it be FF

4 months ago
Reply to  JackWill

Maybe you have only read one Murim type martial arts novel so far that’s why you are thinking it is a fan fiction but it clearly isn’t. There are too many murim novels out there, it’s just most of them are pure trash.