Start with the Mechanical Hunter

Start with the Mechanical Hunter

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Level 1 civilization is a mechanical hunter
The second civilization is the Zerg fusion
Level 3 civilizations are interstellar nomads
The fourth-level civilization is the fusion ascender
Level 5 civilization is a blade changer
Sixth-level civilization is the ancient savior
Level 7 civilizations are giant builders
Eighth-level civilization is a wonder seeker
The ninth-level civilization is a natural disaster opponent
The past dominated the virtual world
The future is the creator of cosmic utopia

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1 month ago

no one tried but the rating is this low?

ultimate reader
26 days ago

On chap 1, it game reality novel,main theme is cyborgs exc ,mc iskied to a year be fore the game begins ,got good vibes

ultimate reader
26 days ago

Chap 4 ,he is like an npc with system template ,translation quality is doubtful, but good start different power systems,new things.

ultimate reader
25 days ago

After 10 cahps it get more clearer, better, I am on chap 24, recommended better than those trash novels,

ultimate reader
24 days ago

Managed to pull up to 73 chap with this trashy translation, hard text, but good content

18 days ago

Writing is incoherent and all over the place. Author has no idea how to set plot or even scenes up so he just jumps into the mc already doing it or having already done it.