Strange Gate Immortal Path

Strange Gate Immortal Path


On the day when the strange gate was forged, when he died in this world, the soul enters the profound spirit and meets the thunder, and the purple sky thunder descends into reincarnation. When he reincarnates as a human, Yun Shisan realizes that this is not the first reincarnation, and it depends on how he disturbs the situation , After many twists and turns, reveal the secret behind the reincarnation again and again.

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1 year ago

Guys, can anyone share free fanfic links for hunterxhunter, fairy tail or bleach? Anything will do please. Thanks.

1 year ago

Same cliche presented in a different way. MC has a five elemental spirit root but because in the present times Spiritual Qi has been declined it’s impossible to cultivate five elemental root because the more root a person has the more qi he/she requires for next realm so it is considered trash spirit root.

1 year ago

Not even 30 chapters in and Mc is involved in a love affair. She just happens to have a cultivation technique that benefits him. He should be worrying about so much other stuff rn but not even a week away from the village he’s creating enemies with people he doesn’t even know who are stronger than him for a girl he met a day prior to the situation.