Summoned Slaughterer

Summoned Slaughterer


Tohno Hifumi was summoned to another world to be a Hero for a kingdom. Unknown to the summoners, heโ€™s a person who had restrained his killer instincts with martial arts. Upon arrival, he slaughtered various knights and the mastermind of the event, the King, for kidnapping him to this world. Afraid of letting more people get killed by Hifumi, the Princessโ€“who is the only one to managed to keep her sanity act rationallyโ€“let him go free. Thus started Hifumiโ€™s fun life of traveling the world, and unrestrainedly killing any who attempt to get in his way.

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3 years ago

Anjayyyy, this time there is a Japanese novel update

3 years ago

Well i have not finished reading this manga yet…… may be i should just read novel lol

3 years ago

this is completely translated. Why read mtl ?