Supreme Lord

Supreme Lord


At the end of the Near Ancient Era, the Tribulation of Heavens descended and the Heavenly Dao began to judge all evil in the world.
Because he was regarded as the embodiment of evil, Gu Qingfeng, the legendary tyrant whose power shook all 3,000 worlds had met his demise under the Heavenly Dao’s wrath.

A hundred years later, after his name had long ago become a legend within the legends, he awakened at his cemetery!

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2 years ago

Bullshit, a supreme lord an expert??? My question in what, the first thing he doing is talking about ideology of music and tones and what music composition he created before and it’s all over the first 10 chapters there is nothing about cultivation I even tought I pressed the wrong novel. Seriously I was taken back by so much “beautiful spirit music” wtf is this, only music music music so boring I did give it a try but I started to forget that this is suppose to be an action novel.


After comrademao got upgraded I only see some bullshit novels that r really boring and very weird

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2 years ago

Guys not wrong it’s definitely a slow start but the music talk does stop shortly after. It’s your standard reincarnation of a Supreme expert. If ya liked emperor’s domination then you can check it out. Pretty enjoyable so far, ~70 chaps in

2 years ago
Reply to  Phosfiend

This novel doesn’t even get close to be a match with Emperor’s Domination . Emperor’s Domination is A Diamond but this Novel is just Trash

1 year ago
Reply to  Liqiye

emperor domination is a parody novel in the first place.

2 years ago

I read it and i have only one opinion ….This Novel is a Pile of Garbage..

It’s starting was good until chapter 80 the author started adding shits and shits …Even i wrote better novel than this. He repeats the same thing again and again …

Mc says that he abandoned fame and fortune but my question is why he goes around proving that he have high musical attainments ,when everyone asks him to prove …
Even all the random dude looks down on him saying that he is just a Nouveau rich . But when mc proves that he has some worth they starts saying that he is a demon … Basically same thing happen again and again.

Another most annoying thing is the author too much addicted to useless details …he even adds the detail of past present future of some random guys.. In a fight when opponent raise his fist to attack Mc, it took at least 4 chapters just to reach his fist to mc could imagine how much useless details is there…Whenever mc talks with someone the author starts reminiscing about mc’s past present future …At least keep some mystery please so we can get the addiction?…

Now i’m going to tell the most annoying part – All the character in this novel is just asshole with melted brain. Character named ‘ Huo de ‘ who is mc’s friend is basically trash. Sometimes i wanna know which side are you on? Are you with mc or the opponent… Everyone wants to kill mc but whenever mc wants to retaliate ‘ huo de ‘ says that show mercy don’t kill . He always takes the side of others even if they wants to kill mc without any reason.
Mc breaths – they want to kill him and says that he is ignorant and blah blah blah.

Whenever mc walk around , random girls on the street starts being curious about him without any reason .How? You didn’t even talk to him …then how did you felt that he is different?? Seriously there is no logic at all. Mc drinks , random people starts looking down on him . Mc kill people show his strength , they say he is demon . Basically mc has never been acknowledged by anyone.

—-This is just my opinion —–

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8 months ago
Reply to  Liqiye

Poisonous comment save me from poison πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

so mc is not a true anti-hero protagonist ?